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We are a popular company for trekking in Nepal. That is to say, our services are unique and trustworthy. We are a local agency that believes in real Eco-friendly & down-to-earth adventures. We manage & protect the areas we trek in. Also, trekking in Nepal can be a holiday that tests your mental strength. On the other hand, it also encourages your will to feel good and happy. We are a trekking Agency in Nepal that offers a wide range of trekking packages. There are different treks to suit your need if you don’t want to walk too high. We offer you delightful itineraries to choose from on our website. The Himalayas teach us so much about life, and the experiences are simply unforgettable.

We operate our treks across the borders of Tibet and Bhutan. When we travel overland, we see the same mountains, but the landscapes are different. Similarly, we learn of different lifestyles & traditions which add to the value of holidays. The best way to experience Nepal’s unbeatable mix of natural beauty is to walk through them. For instance, Trekking in Nepal for beginners helps you undertake bigger adventures later. Therefore, it makes no difference to your age or any physical handicaps you may have.

Before your arrival, we plan your itinerary well in advance. Trekking in Nepal during COVID is also important to our plans. However, we make sure it doesn’t spoil your excitement on the trails, and your holidays. All you need is the spirit of adventure. Meanwhile, we do know your choice of a trek will depend on your timeframe & plans. Perhaps, you may be short on time, if so please do let us know. We make for you trekking in Nepal itinerary to match your time and plans. Let us know the perfect game plan you have in mind for a holiday. Similarly, we’ll give you exactly what the doctor ordered for, a dream holiday for a whole lifetime. Trekking is for anyone who enjoys walking amidst nature. And that’s certainly what trekkers find in Nepal more than anywhere else.

We arrange all-season activities for different holidays. These include treks on off-the-beaten trails, peak climbing, pilgrimage visits & breathtaking mountain bike tours. Likewise, there are also options for cozy Home stays at beautiful villages. Furthermore, Heritage tours and Historical walks are also open to those who want city tours. On the other hand, exciting country hikers and river rafting are also available for the adventurous. In addition, options are open for Jungle Safaris & adventure sports- for example, bungee jumps & paragliding. Finally, Yoga & meditation adds on to a wide range of holidays with something for everyone.

Why do backpackers from around the world love trekking in Nepal?

We operate famous treks to Everest Base CampAnnapurna Base Camp, and the Annapurna circuit. On familiar trails or virgin tracks, Nepal is a trekker’s paradise. Foot travel is a wonderful way to explore and make meaningful contact with the country. Trekking in the Everest region is a wonderful experience. The 5 turquoise lakes are lovely jewels we view within stunning landscapes. And there are challenging treks to the top of the highest peak in the area. This is Kalapathar, at 5,545m & the popular Everest base camp at 5,364m. Walking in the Annapurna region is a special experience all to itself. As is unique of the region, the scenery delights your heart. You walk across grassy river valleys that suddenly climb to rolling hills. Moreover, stony peaks offer stunning views of the Annapurna Mountains. In addition, widespread walking trails wind through the woods and up into dancing waterfalls.

Our trekking agency is also one of the best Tibet tour operators in Nepal. We have more than decade years of experience in Tibet. Some of our popular tours are Mt. Kailash Mansarovar Lake and the Lhasa tour. We have a great relationship with overland Tibetan travel agents. Your guides in Tibet will help you and ensure you experience a memorable trip for a lifetime. Trekking in the Nepal Himalayas region is possible throughout the year. The best time for trekking is March to May (spring) and October to December (autumn). There are some areas in which you can also trek in the monsoon. These areas include Narphu laUpper Mustang, and Upper Dolpo.

At ‘Glorious Himalaya Trek’ it is our job to ensure your comfort and safety. We take you where you want to go, at your own pace. You will enjoy what you have come to see, and help you discover exceptional nature that’s heartwarming! You hike in a way where the trail gives you wonderful surprises at every turn of the corner. GHT offers you a holiday that only dreams are made off. You will soon learn Trekking in Nepal is worth its weight in gold.


A beautiful Everest Basecamp Trek

I and my girlfriend were looking for a budget-friendly and short EBC trek and we found this 12 days Everest base camp trek with Glorious Himalaya.

We wanted to book only EBC trek with a guide, porter, flights and accommodations and they organized it accordingly. We are very satisfied with their guide and porter service.

Thank you for organizing our 12 days EBC trek within a short period. Thanks to Ganesh who respond to our emails shortly.

Did this trek from 4th to 15th December 2022.

By Monalisa and Jevin

United Kingdom

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24 Mar, 2023Langtang Valley Trek13 Days Booking Open$950 $750
24 Mar, 2023LUMBINI PILGRIM TOUR6 Days Booking Open$1,000 $850
24 Mar, 2023Mohare Danda Trek10 Days Booking Open$900 $750
25 Mar, 2023Everest Base Camp Trek15 Days Booking Open$1,500 $1,300
25 Mar, 2023Annapurna Base Camp Trek10 Days Booking Open$650
26 Mar, 2023Mohare Danda Trek10 Days Booking Open$900 $750
27 Mar, 2023LUMBINI PILGRIM TOUR6 Days Booking Open$1,000 $850
27 Mar, 2023Langtang Valley Trek13 Days Booking Open$950 $750
28 Mar, 2023Mohare Danda Trek10 Days Booking Open$900 $750
29 Mar, 2023Langtang Valley Trek13 Days Booking Open$950 $750

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Take a Family tour to Nepal where you can share some laughs, excitements, and create some precious family memories together. It is not just a family holiday for relaxing, but also a wonderful tour to know about Nepal’s extended history and understand the Nepalese culture, religion, art, norms, and family values.

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Our Historical Tours is designed to offer you invaluable insights into the ancient Himalayan wisdom, history, arts, and culture, that has been preserved and passed on from the generations.

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We get it! You are short of time, but you’d also like to experience as much of Nepal has to offer. If you are confused about which trek to choose then don’t be overwhelmed yet, because we eliminate the jumble by offering short treks in Nepal. If you love wandering in pristine scenery, you have many options.

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