Is Nepal Safe after earthquake?

By Glorious Himalaya on June 15, 2015 in News

The recently gone earthquake of 7.8 rector scale magnitude has created fears and misunderstandings in the international tourism market. The international tourists are wondering if Nepal is safe to visit or not. Thinking it’s not safe; many of them have canceled their hotel reservation and their trip. They are hesitating to visit Nepal. But it is not like so. Nepal is absolutely safe to visit. Of course, the earthquake has created chaos in Nepal. But Nepal can still provide you with the same feelings and services as you used to get before. The trekkers are still going trekking in Annapurna, Everest, Dolpo, Mustang, and other popular trekking regions and they are enjoying their stay in these regions.

Everest region trekking

Today in this hard time, your visit to Nepal will not only be a casual visit. Directly or indirectly this will be a help to Nepal, Nepalese people, and Nepalese tourism. According to the survey, Nepal is absolutely safe to visit now with many amazing trails and places that have not been affected by earthquakes at all. Your visit to Nepal will still mark Nepal as a safe destination in the world to visit. We want you to spread positive information regarding Nepal and Nepalese tourism. Even at the time of this great chaos Nepalese welcome with our full heart. Visit Nepal on your holiday and help to rebuild the nation.


  • Nepal consists of 75 districts. According to the survey among 75, only 10 are affected and 65 are still safe and sound to visit and stay.
  • Out of 10 national parks of Nepal, only 1 (Langtang national park) is affected.
  • As per the Nepal government authority of 35 trekking routes, only 2 trekking routes of them are affected (Manaslu, Gorkha, and Langtang-Rasuwa) other 33 trekking routes are safe to trek and stay.
  • Out of 8 UNESCO World heritages only 3 have been affected by around 40% and the rest are safe to visit.
  • Except for the Araniko highway (Kathmandu to Tatopani route) remaining all the highways and sub highways are in operation.
  • The communication system is absolutely sound and in operation. There is no problem regarding communication.
  • About 90% of hotels are providing service in Kathmandu valley. They are providing their best services for your food stay.
  • All the hospitals are safe and in operation. No viral diseases or influenza is seen.
  • All the TIMS and permits counter is functioning so we can get permits so that’s is a call for your vacation which makes you safe.

Make sure your visit to Nepal for next holiday and help to promote Nepal tourism.



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