Simikot Limi Valley Circuit Trek

20 Days

$ 2800



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2+ pax


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  • Explore an unspoiled and non-touristic area of remote Nepal.
  • Scenic landscape views
  • Massive views of mountains including Api, Saipal etc.
  • Encounter remote area livelihood
  • Tibetan culture and Tradition
  • Observe Tibetan plateau
  • Adventurer Camping trek


Our 20 days Simikot Limi Valley Circuit Trek program takes you to the non-touristic and mesmerizing adventure destination of Nepal. This trek is for those trekkers or hikers who wish to visit a remote and unspoiled area of Nepal. It lies in far western Nepal. The route of Simikot Limi Valley Circuit Trek is still off-touristy and very few tourists have visited this area in a year, how it gives the great opportunity to explore the real wilderness of nature.

Our off-the-beaten trip offers massive mountain views, cultural diversity, beautiful forests, landscapes, rapid rivers, mysterious traditions, and off-beaten trails. While on the track you can enjoy the spectacular views of Api (7,132m) and Saipal (7,031m) Himal.

Why this trek is for you?

Out of 100%, 80% of tourist comes to visit Nepal for Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Base Camp Trek. Thus, only 20% of tourists visit other parts of Nepal. Humla is still a virgin destination in Nepal due to its remoteness. Especially, Api Saipal and Limi valley areas are mythical Shangri-La in the Humla region. You will visit a few trekkers even during the busy trekking season and of course, it is nothing with comparing to others’ trekking routes in Nepal. There is a marital relationship between western Nepal Humla and Tibet. During the trek, it offers fresh spiritual and energetic feelings and eyeful glorious Himalaya views. On this Nepal trek, you will climb up an altitude of 4,940 meters above sea level which is called Nyalu La pass.

Limi Valley - A pilgrimage route to Mt. Kailash

Limi is located western north part of Nepal. It was an ancient salt trading and pilgrimage route to the border between Nepal and Tibet (China). Nowadays, most of the pilgrims and trading routes are used over Nara La, not to Nyalu La. Limi is far from modern touched and itself pure Tibetan Buddhism culture. Limi valley is an isolated location in Nepal and the people are almost unknown to the government of Nepal.

Some trekkers used to hike to Mt Kailash via Limi valley, you will get a chance to see the snow leopard, blue sheep, musk deer, Jackle, Hyenas, and many more wild so far. This is why Limi valley is also known as Off the beaten trail in Nepal.

Best time to do Simikot Limi Valley Circuit Trek

March to June and September to November are the best months for this trek. Visit Nepal trekking seasons for more information.

Check out our designated itinerary below for 20 Days Simikot Limi Valley Circuit Trek or just send us an email and we’ll tailor-make an itinerary based on your requirements.


01 DAY

Arrival in Kathmandu and transferred to the hotel (1400m)

As you approach the Himalayan nation from the air, we are waiting to receive you outside the International airport terminal at Kathmandu. Our airport representative will be holding a company name card with your name beneath. After a warm welcome, you will then be transferred to your respective hotel via a private vehicle car, jeep, van, or bus (depending upon group size). After check-in and some refreshments, you can either rest or stroll down the street of Thamel and explore the unique vibrance of the area along with some shopping.

In the evening, you will meet your guide for a briefing about the Simikot Limi Valley Circuit Trek. You will also be invited to a warm welcome dinner in a typical restaurant nearby hosted by our company which includes Nepali cuisine and cultural dance. Later, we will drop you back at your hotel where you will spend overnight. Perhaps, this might be your first night in the city of the Himalayas.

02 DAY

Kathmandu sightseeing tour and trip preparation

Today, we will have a guided tour of the famous world heritage sites in Kathmandu city. After hot breakfast, you will be accompanied by our experienced tour guide who will pick you up from your hotel with a private vehicle.

We will visit several ancient temples and heritage sites which include Syambhunath Stupa (Monkey Temple), Boudhanath Stupa, Pashupatinath temple(Ancient Hindu temple), and Kathmandu Durbar Square. All these sites carry a lot of historical and cultural significance which provides you some unique insights into ancient art, history, culture, and religion. These sites are definitely worth visiting and you would not want to miss this experience while in Nepal.

Later you will be dropped back at your hotel. If you haven’t shopped for required trekking gears and necessary items, you can do it now. Overnight at the same hotel.

03 DAY

Fly to Nepalgunj (150m) - 1 hr flight

Our journey starts with a picturesque 1-hour flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. Nepalgunj is a crowded city and a business hub located in the southern part of Nepal. It is also regarded as one of the hottest places in Nepal. With the Indian border just 5 miles (8 km) from the city, it comes as no surprise that you can find a blend of both Nepali culture and Indian traditional cultures. You can also take a bus from Kathmandu to reach here which takes 16 hours. As we cannot fly directly to Humla, we’ll stay overnight here before we catch a flight to Humla the next day. Overnight at a hotel (breakfast included).

04 DAY

Flight to Simikot (2950m) and trek to Dharapuri (2300m) - 45 minutes flight and 4 hrs walk

Leaving Nepalgunj, we take a scenic 45-minute flight to Simikot, which is a thrilling experience through the ravines and ridges in the glorious mountains. Landing on the short mountain runway at Simikot is a heart-pounding experience.

Simikot is the headquarter of one of the most remote districts, Humla. Upon reaching Simikot, we begin our trek following the trail that goes down to Humla Karnali River. Following the river, we traverse through the pine forests and pass several villages before crossing a suspension bridge over the Humla Karnali River to reach Dharapuri for an overnight stay. Overnight at a tented camp with full board meals.

05 DAY

Trek to Kermi (2670m) - 6 hrs walk

On the following day, we go through the Karnali River Side along the trail that keeps altering the elevation. The trail occasionally goes through the narrow gorges on the Karnali River with high rocky slopes and sometimes you will walk at the riverbanks. Then you will walk by the terraced cultivation lands where you can see the range of crops grown by the locals. They grow potatoes, beans, rice, barley, buckwheat along with animal husbandry. At Kermi, we will enjoy the relaxing hot spring after 30 minutes of hiking. People here follow  Buddhism which is why you can see Chorten and Monastery along with the beautifully crafted Mane wall at every village. There are famous two monasteries, Lhundrup Choeling Gompa and Lakiyo Gompa. To get the first one takes 30 minutes from the camp, which is relatively new and was built less than a century ago. The latter one takes 45 minutes to walk from the camp which was a few hundred years old. Trekkers often do not visit the monasteries, but it’s better to visit for a new experience. You can wander around the village rest of the day. During the night, you may hear some strange howls of jackals, which keep reminding us that we are very close to nature. Overnight at a tented camp. (Full board meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner)

06 DAY

Trek to Yalbang (3020m) - 5 hrs walk

Today, the trail ascends steeply for about 2 hours before we reach a small pass. The track goes alongside the meadows with various species of creatures on our way. Crossing a big iron suspension bridge over the Sali River, we cross the pass. The trek gets easier as it is all descent from this point forward. With emerald Karnali down the hill, there are beautiful pine trees above your head. Do not be surprised if you encounter the caravans of mules (crossbreeds of horses and donkeys) and Dzopas (crossbreeds of cows and yaks). They are the transport means for the locals here traveling to and from Taklakot, a trade hub across the Chinese border.

Yalbang holds numerous heritages and places that you can easily spend an extra day here. One of them is Namkha Khyung Dzong Monastery. You will be welcomed by a massive rock with a Tibetan mantra carved all over it, right in front of the yard of the monastery. Sheltering about 130 monks, the monastery also happens to be the largest monastery in the area. The monastery came from the Nyingmapa Lineage, the oldest Buddhist lineage. Legend has it that Nyingmapa Lineage was founded around the 7th century by a great magician Guru Rimpoche. The monastery has a huge statue of Lord Buddha and other smaller statues along with that of Guru Rimpoche. The monastery also runs a clinic and a school. If you request a monk, he will be delighted to show you around. Every morning at 7 and afternoon at 4, the monastery has regular prayer sessions. You need to be quiet and remain behind the monks near one of the walls they had there. During the night time, you may hear the howls of jacks coming from the distant bushes. Overnight at a tented camp with full board meals.

07 DAY

Trek to Tumkot (3380m) - 5 hrs walk

We leave Yalbang and head towards Muchu or Tumkot with a rocky mountain. The trails today are mostly flat but the trekkers might be passing a zigzag trail and choose the right one. Our trail goes alongside greenery, bushes, pine forests, and large rocky hills with altitude changing slowly after every half an hour of walk. After crossing a suspension bridge over the Karnali River, we will ascend to a rocky mountain and the trail continues until getting deep gorges. The trail then further descends to an army camp.  After several ups and downs for around 3-4 hours, we arrive at Muchu village, from where we head around an hour to finally reach Tumkot village. The village has many wonderful places to offer for you to explore like Dhungkar Choezom monastery, rocky mountain, and other spectacular views. Overnight at a tented camp with full board meals.

08 DAY

Trek to Thado Dunga (3750m) via Yari (3700m) - 5 hrs walk

The trail today remains steep up with similar landscape, vegetation, and climate. After a few hours of hike, you can feel the change in the climate. Also, the landscape turns more barren and rocky with green pine trees and begin to see low and short junipers. You can see the trail under construction. At the end of our trail, we reach Pani Palwang village with some tea houses. We stop here for the lunch and continue walking towards Yari to Thado Dhunga, which is just an hour and a half. We will stay overnight at a tented camp having a delicious dinner prepared by our crew members. (Full board meals)

09 DAY

Trek to Hilsa (3720m) via Nara La pass (4560m) - 7 hrs walk

The trail today is more challenging than previous days as trekkers need to cross Nara La Pass at 4560m. From the pass, you can see trees disappearing and start to see the dry marine land with the pleasing countryside which is identical to the lands of Tibet. During the day time, you can see yaks and mules along the trail. The trail is more rigid and steeper from Thado Dhunga (Steep Rock) and you might see some snow en route for the first time of the trek. From here trekkers can see lots of stones and looming prayer flags which is considered a sign of good luck. The trekker also will see the splendid view of Tibet on one lateral and spectacular view of Yari village below along with the incredible landscape. From there the rest of the trail is uneven descent until Tibet and Nepal border then will catch two more trails, but we need to choose the safe and right one which takes us through a dirt road with a steep short cut. Overnight at a tented camp with full board meals.

10 DAY

Trek to Manepeme (3900m) - 6 hrs walk

The following day, we continue our trek crossing a huge iron bridge at Hilsa. Then we catch a narrow trail that connects us with the main route on the higher slope. The trail advances alongside the Karnali River all the way to Manepeme and continues to test your physical and mental endurance with several ups and downs which is quite exciting though. The iridescence of landscapes and barren mountains is spell-binding and leaves you little or no time to feel tired. En route, the Humla Karnali appears very deep down. Finally, we arrive at Manepeme where we will set up our camp to spend the night. Overnight at a tented camp with full board meals.

11 DAY

Trek to Til (4000m) - 6 hrs walk

Today, we continue to climb up after walking around 2-3 hours and choosing a small trail that brings the same level and winder track then begins ascending speedily. This trail takes you to an ancient meditation cave named Ya Yik Phuk which is quite popular in the region. The trail passes along with wild juniper trees and lush green plants. Further, the trail continues uphill until Lamka La pass (4300m), then it descends down to Til where we will see Gompas (monastery), beautiful chortens (stupas), white building with some retreat houses. During the months of September, October, and November, this valley is vibrant with bright yellow color with stunning snow-capped mountains in the backdrop. The travelers will get to have deep insights into their traditional culture and lifestyle of people who look like Tibetan people. They preserve their ancient Tibetan culture and wear their own traditional dresses, women dress in a long brown or blue colorful apron and men dress in a long thick brown coat made from yak wool. We set our camp here to spend the overnight (inclusive full board meals).

12 DAY

Trek to Halji (3660m) - 4 hrs walk

Today, the trek will be relatively short and smooth with more fun. After hiking for about 3 to 4 hours, we will get to Halji, a village that offers stunning places to explore. We get a huge opportunity to explore the outskirts of the village and visit the monastery. Often, visitors can also see a mountain goat, deer, thar, blue sheep, and Himalayan treasures. If you are lucky enough, you may also see a rare snow leopard. The trail to get here is through the chortens and huge Mani walls which are built by several stones with holy Buddhist mantras. One of the popular attractions of this place is Rinchenling Gompa, which was built in the 14th century by the Kagyugpa family. The main hall of the monastery is beautifully decorated where Lord Buddha is sited along with other smaller statues of Kenjur (Buddhist Scripture). Although there is no charge to enter the monastery, you would have to pay NPR 500 for the photographs. Overnight at a tented camp with full board meals.

13 DAY

Trek to Jang (3930m) - 5 hrs walk

Today’s trek is relatively easy and quite short. Along the trail, we will be accompanied by the Limi River. After about four-five hours of relaxed walk, we will reach Jang early at noon. Jang is one of the third and the last village of Limi Valley. And like all prior villages, it is full of surprises and beauty. As far as this place is free from the modern hustle and bustle, Tibetan culture is alive here at its purest. Jang too has a beautiful monastery which you can explore. You can enter the Gompa free of charge, but like in Halji, they will charge you a minimal fee for taking some pictures. As usual, we will spend overnight at a tented camp with full board meals.

14 DAY

Trek to Talung (4370m) - 8 hrs walk

Although this is going to be a much longer trekking day, it is worth it. We will walk through a beautiful trail that presents you with captivating views of Mt. Kailash and Api Saipal Himal (7020m). Also, we can enjoy the complete silent serenity as there are no human settlements until Kermi. Just you, and the mother nature with full of adventure. Having said so, there are also times when the trail gets tougher and you have to cross a few rivers and streams. Until Talung, the trail remains slow and steady and goes up. Talung offers us a fair bit of level ground, where we will set up our camps for the night. Overnight in a tented camp at a grassy field. Full board meals included.

15 DAY

Trek to Shinjungma (3620m) via Nyalu la pass (5001m) - 8 hrs walk

Today we will be at the highest point of the trip. Nyala La pass is our highest point which stands at a soaring 5,001 meters from the sea level. Climbing to such elevation could be challenging, but equally adventurous and rewarding with a 360-degree view of Humla, Tibet, and splendid mountains. The glorious glimpse of Mt. Kailash (6714m) and Mt. Saipal (7031m) would be unforgettable. As we are walking above the snow-line (5000 meters), the trail will be covered by snow. So crampons and a pair of trekking poles will make it much safer and easier for us to walk. Clicking some pictures on the top, the remaining path descends down after the pass. As we descend we will quickly lose our altitude. At 4630 meters elevation, there is a serene Selma Tso Lake. We descend all the way down to Shinjungma (3620m), where we set our camp for an overnight stay. With the significant changes in the elevation, you can notice the change in climate and vegetation. Overnight at a tented camp with full board meals.

16 DAY

Trek to Kermi (2670m) - 8 hrs walk

Leaving Shinjungma village, we trek for Kermi, where we initially began our trek from Simikot. After a long walk for about 7 to 8 hours, we will eventually get to the settlement of Kermi; below 3000m. Once again, the trekkers will see pine trees, Sali River on the following day. Heading the eastside, the trail goes to the Karnali River. You can take a relaxing bath in the hot spring and get relief from tiredness and body aches before moving to the camp. Overnight at Kermi in tented camp. Full board meals included.

17 DAY

Trek back to Simikot (2950) - 7 hrs walk

Our trek begins with quite a few ups and downs along the road and beautiful landscape. The trail up to Dharapuri (2300m) and Majgaon is smooth and enjoyable. Then, after Majgaon the trail turns to be aggressive with 2 hours uphill from the Karnali River until you reach a pass at the height of 3,000 meters. From the pass, it takes another half an hour to reach Simikot. After a long time, you have a proper hot water shower available and an occasion to walk around the market. Perhaps, this was your final trekking day of the trip. Overnight at a tented camp with full board meals.

18 DAY

Fly back to Kathmandu (1400m) via Nepalgunj (150m)

Today is the final day of our journey. Early morning, we hop on a flight from Simikot to Nepalgunj and then catch our flight to Kathmandu on the same day. Upon your arrival at the Kathmandu airport, you will be transferred to your respective hotels via private vehicle. You can use the remaining time exploring the outskirts of Thamel. After a long time, you will be spending your night in a convenient hotel suite. Overnight at the hotel inclusive breakfast.

19 DAY

Leisure day in Kathmandu

Sometimes, flights in the mountainous regions can be delay due to weather circumstances, technical problems, and other issues, or there may be changes in the itinerary as necessary. If timely arrived in Kathmandu as per the schedule you will have a good time to explore the new areas in Kathmandu. There are many beautiful places to visit, which we can suggest you visit. On the following day, get prepared for your international flight for tomorrow. In the evening we will celebrate farewell dinner together for successful completion of the trip, perhaps opening some beers! And, reflecting the times spent in the mountains (Farewell dinner hosted by our company).

20 DAY

Departure Day

It is finally time to bid good-bye to this Himalayan nation. At glorious Himalaya, it was a wonderful time serving you that reflect on the time spent together. Our vehicle and escorts are on standby to drop you at the international airport (At least 3 hours prior to your flight time). We pray for your safe journey and hope to see you again someday! Bon Voyage!

Trip Includes

  • All the airport pick-ups and drop-offs by private vehicles as per the itinerary.
  • 5 nights of 3-star category hotel accommodations in Kathmandu and Nepalgunj city inclusive breakfast.
  • 14 nights of twin sharing tented accommodations during the trek.
  • All the essential domestic flights according to the itinerary and airport taxes. (Kathmandu-Nepalgunj-Simikot-Kathmandu)
  • 1-day Kathmandu sightseeing around world heritage sites inclusive city tour guide and private transport.
  • All the necessary trekking permits and official paperwork.
  • All the surface transportation as per the itinerary.
  • Full board meals during the trek with tea/coffee. (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Boiled water will be served during the trek.
  • All the camping equipment such as a mattress, member, kitchen, dining, toilet tents for camping.
  • An experienced and license holder trekking guide.
  • An expert trekking cook to prepare your meal while on the trek.
  • Supporting porters to carry your loads for the trek.
  • Foods, Salary, accommodation and accidental insurance of all our trekking staffs.
  • First aid medicine for the trek.
  • Glorious Himalaya company duffel and sleeping bags to use for the trek.
  • Foods, Salary, accommodation and accidental/medical insurance of all our trekking staff.
  • Nepalese cuisine welcome and farewell dinner in a typical Nepali restaurant in Kathmandu.
  • Trip achievement certificate.

Trip Exclude

  • International airfare and Nepal entry visa.
  • Alcoholic beverages, bottled mineral water, soft drinks and snack foods
  • Entrance fees for Kathmandu sightseeing.
  • Your personal trekking gears and travel insurance.
  • Extra hotel nights in Kathmandu, Nepalgunj or in Simikot due to flight cancellation or earlier.
  • Tips to the staffs

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