Explore Long Treks With Glorious Himalaya

Get yourself immersed more deeply into nature by undergoing long treks into the remote terrains of the deeper Himalayas of Nepal.
Long treks are usually more than 20 days and last for more than two weeks. Around 10% of the total trekkers choose the long treks to get the ultimate
travel experience which offers even more exploring opportunities.

Long trek grants you more opportunities to explore the intense remote landscapes and experience the
Nepalese Villages, lifestyle, people and their unique cultures at a much close and intimate level.
However, long treks are considered challenging as compared to other treks in Nepal and demand good patience and physical fitness.
But in other sense, this is also a good opportunity to take your patience and endurance to the next level.

Accommodations are basic teahouse or Local hotels with basic facilities and our friendly experienced and professional guides look after you at each step of your way and encourage you whenever required. We can fully customize your trip and can tailor-make it to suit your preferences and holiday timeframe.