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3,700m (Mu Gumba)


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  • Spectacular views of Mt. Ganesh and Manaslu mountains.
  • Exploration of ancient form of Buddhist dialect, art, culture and religion
  • Visit ancient Rachhen Gumba and other monasteries
  • Observe remote local life.
  • Explore Tibetan culture and tradition
  • Wilderness hike to the hidden valley
  • Refreshing bath in natural hot spring


Tsum valley trek is famously known as a “hidden valley”, with unique characteristics of mystery, myth & majestic beauty. This is a swashbuckling trek that takes you into the true wild. Till recently, the Tsum valley was one of the most secluded and unexplored areas. It is situated in the central Himalayas in the Manaslu region. The valley is extremely close to Tibet and you can definitely feel the large influence of Tibetan Buddhism on the lives of the people here. The trek’s starting point, Soti Khola is a mere seven-hour drive from Kathmandu and thus you will not need to book unreliable flights to get going.

Most of the trek passes through forests of pine and rhododendron, alongside glacial rivers, and with views of waterfalls. There are old villages with several temples, monasteries, prayer walls, stupas, and much more. The Tibetan Siddha Milarepa who is the first Tibetan to have been able to achieve enlightenment within one lifetime is said to have meditated in a cave here also.

The mountains seen during the Tsum valley trek include Himalchuli, Ganesh Himal, Mt. Manaslu, and many other smaller peaks a large portion of which are above 7000m. The valley was restricted until 2008 but has opened itself to tourism and has become a must-do trek in Nepal.

If you are interested in exploring mountain culture and the legends and beliefs of Tibetan Buddhism while being surrounded by massive Himalayan massifs, the Tsum Valley trek is definitely for you. If you have more time, you can add the Manaslu Circuit trek along with the Tsum Valley trek also.

Best Season for the Tsum Valley trek

It is best to go on the Tsum Valley hike either in the spring (March–May) or fall (September–November). The weather is more stable, making travel more pleasant, at this time of year. In April, vibrant flowers will cover the entire Manaslu region. Spring is when flowers start to bloom, adding a beautiful visual element to your trip.

Most people visit the Manalsu region in the fall to hike the region’s famous trails also. When it comes to fall months, October is without a doubt the most thrilling and exciting. Manaslu’s pristine beauty draws many tourists every October, making it the busiest month of the fall season. In consequence, there will be a swarm of hikers and backpackers filling the trails and lodgings in the area.

A large portion of the trail is inaccessible during the winter and monsoon, and the weather makes for a miserable trek experience at either time.

Can I do the Tsum Valley Trek?

The Tsum Valley trek has been classified as a moderate to difficult trek. A large portion of the trek happens in altitudes above 3000m and you will be expected to hike for an average of seven hours every day. The trails here are quite wild also but with fit enough lungs and legs, you should be fine. As a beginner trekker, you might find some portions of the trek quite challenging but if you have previous experience with longer treks in high altitudes you should not face any problems. The highest altitude reached on this trek is at Mu Gompa at 3700m altitude however some day trips might be higher.

Check out our itinerary for Tsum Valley Trek  below or just send us an  email and we’ll tailor-make an itinerary based on your requirements.


01 DAY

Arrival in Kathmandu - (1,400m)

The very first day of your trip will be spent traveling to Kathmandu to check into your hotel. An employee of Glorious Himalaya will be waiting for you outside the terminal with a sign bearing your name on it. You and your belongings will be taken to your hotel in Kathmandu. After you have settled into your room at the hotel, you have the option of taking some time to unwind there or venturing out into the surrounding area to become acquainted with it.


02 DAY

Sightseeing tour in Kathmandu and trek preparation

Today we will go sightseeing around Kathmandu valley. After breakfast, you will be picked up via private vehicle in your hotel. World heritage sights that we will tour today include the Pashupatinath Temple, Bouddhanath, Swayambhunath and Kathmandu Durbar square.

In the early morning, we will go to the Pashupatinath temple and visit the area around the temple. Considered one of the holiest locations for Hindu’s the temple complex is very large and includes a “Ghat”. A ghat is a riverside cemetery for cremating dead bodies. The main temple is dedicated to lord Shiva with numerous other temples surrounding the area.

Bouddhanath is a large stupa also known as “Khasti Chaitya”. It is one of the largest stupas in the world and the largest dome stupa. The stupa is said to hold the remains of Kassyapa Buddha who lived many eons before the Buddha of our time, Shakyamuni. Numerous monasteries deck the area. Many Tibetan restaurants are nearby where you can have a taste of Tibetan cuisine also.

Swayambhunath is another large stupa said to have been created when Manjusri, the Bidhisattva drained the ancient Lake which filled Kathmandu valley. There is a park surrounding the main stupa and numerous temples and shrines are nearby as well. Three large statues of Amitabha Buddha, Avakokiteshvara and Guru Rinpoche are found in the area.

The last location we visit is the Kathmandu durbar square with a large Bhairava statue and numerous temples and the Hanuman Dhoka museum. The area has a nice ambiance to walk and explore and numerous rooftop restaurants also.

After the tour today we return back to our hotel.

03 DAY

Drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola (7,35m) - 7/8 hrs drive

After breakfast, we are picked up at our hotel and driven along the Prithvi Highway toward Soti Khola. After we get to Dhading, we take the road to Hanuman Danda, where we will have lunch. From this spot, we can see Manaslu and Ganesh Himal, which are set against the Trishuli river and the nearby hills.

We go down to the Ankhu river, and crossing the river we keep going up a steep road until we reach a relatively flat area. As we head toward Soti Khola, our destination for the day, we will pass through a number of different villages. Soti Khola is close to the river from which it derives its name.  We’ve been traveling for so long today that we’ve decided to rest as soon as possible after dinner to rest for the trek tomorrow.

04 DAY

Trek to Machha Khola (930m) - 6 hrs Trek

We wake up early in the morning to begin our first day of walking. Although there is a dirt road that goes to Maccha Khola, the walk is quite nice and leisurely and prepares us for the longer treks the other days. We walk through the wide dirt road along the river amid terraced farms and village houses. We can stop by one of the villages on the way when we feel hungry or we can trek directly to Maccha Khola. The village is literally called “Fish River” and lies close to the river of the same name.

05 DAY

Trek to Jagat (1340m) - 6 hrs Trek

After having breakfast, we head for Jagat following the same river and passing some gorges of Budi Gandaki River and some lesser cultivated areas. The trekking trail starts from here and goes through beautiful woodlands. After some time the narrow path goes up and down a few small hills, crosses the Tharo Khola, which flows through a rocky gorge, and ends up in Khorlabesi.

After a few more ups and downs, we reach a small hot spring next to the trail. From there, we can get to Tatopani. The trail goes up a rough path to Dovan after crossing a suspension bridge over the Dovan Khola. As we walk on, we cross another suspension bridge over the Yaru Khola and climb the stone stairs to reach Tharo Bharyang. We cross to the west side of the Budhi Gandaki, climb over a ridge, walk along the river, and then climb up to the village of Jagat.

06 DAY

Trek to Lhokpa (2,240m) - 6 hrs Trek

Hanging on to the same river, we will be heading to Lhokpa which is about 7-8 hours trek. The trail goes through narrow valleys and green vegetation. The trek can be good as you can observe the snowy cones of Mt. Ganesh and Mt. Shringi. Overnight at a local tea house with all meals.

07 DAY

Trek to Chumling (2,390m) - 5 hrs Trek

After having breakfast, we will leave for Chumling walking for about 3 hours. Still not leaving the same river, we will be walking on the bank of Budi Gandaki River in the same way for Manaslu round trekking. After enjoying lunch on the way, we will hike through a wild lesser-known route of Tsum valley. The trail mostly goes through the forest and some Gurung villages. We will camp at a Gurung village. Overnight at a local tea house with all meals.

08 DAY

Trek to Chokangparo (3,030m) - 6 hrs Trek

From Chumling we trek to Chhokangparo. Upper Tsum valley (part of the Inner Himalaya) open from Chhokangparo.Chhokamparo is a village situated on flat land and made up of two settlements Chhekam and Paro. From the valley, the Ganesh Himal range can be seen directly to the south where it provides superb views of the Baudha and Himal Chuli peaks to the south-west. Some households in this village practice polyandry. Overnight at a local teahouse lodge with full board meals.

09 DAY

Trek to Lama Gaon (3,240m) - 3 hrs Trek

Trekking to Lama Gaun takes about 2-3 hours of short walking. The trail goes upwards ascending through the local villages and wider cultivated land and partly through pine forest. After 3 hours we will be at Lama Gaun where we can visit the Milarepa cave monastery which is about 45 minutes’ walk from the campsite. Overnight at a local tea house with all meals.

10 DAY

Trek to Mu-Gumpa (3,700m) - 4 hrs Trek

From Lama Gaon, the trail gradually ascends to Mu Gumba, the largest monastery in this area. Mu Gomba was established in 1895 AD and is situated at an altitude of 3510m. The monastery houses religious books, including Kangyur, a life-sized statue of Avalokiteshwara, and images of Guru Padmasambhava and Tara. Dephyudonma Gumba is one of the oldest monasteries in the Tsum Valley and is situated in the rugged mountains, a 2 hr walk from the village of Chhule and Nile. The history of this monastery is directly associated with the dawn of Buddhism in the valley. The monastery is run by Lama Serap of Nile Ladrang from the Kangin sect. There are a few campsites and drinking water facilities. We bunk out for the night in our lodge with all meals.

11 DAY

Explore Mu Gumba

Today, we explore the nearby areas at Mu Gumba. We can hike to Rachen Gompa and explore the monastery there also. There are paths that lead to the Tibet border nearby as well. All in all a day spent amidst the mountains relaxing at the monastery is a day well spent.

12 DAY

Trek to Burgi Village (2386m) - 5 hrs trek

Today we begin our descent back through the same route. The main village on our descending route is Burgi village where we will stay. Walking through mostly downhills with a few uphills we begin to see the vegetation grow larger once again. Burgi is a small village at about 3245 meters that are on the trails of the Tsum valley trek. In the Tsum valley, this small village is a great place to stop and rest. On top of this hill, you can see Poshyop Glacier, Kipu Himal, and Churke Himal. This spot is well-known for its great views. On the other hand, only a few homestays are available here.

13 DAY

Trek to Chumling (2,390m) - 6 hrs trek

We begin our descent early in the morning along the same route we climbed. Today is a long day of the trek and we make our way through the forest trail now. Lunch can be had at Chhokang Paro where we stayed on our climb up. Today the trek is very long as we descend quite a bit down all the way to Chumling where we stay for the night.

14 DAY

Trek to Philim (1570m) - 6/7 hrs trek

Continuing our descent through the same trail we came back up, we leave Chumling after an early breakfast. We stay at Philim today, one of the villages we passed by earlier when climbing.

15 DAY

Trek to Khorlabesi (1045m) - 6/7 hrs trek

Today is the second last day of trekking. We start from Philim and make the 6-7 hour descent to Khorlabesi. We have descended all the way down to 970m and the temperate, climate and weather are completely different. We stay overnight at Khorlabesi.

16 DAY

Trek to Soti Khola (735m) - 6 hrs trek

Today is the final day of trekking. We leisurely stroll down crossing Maccha Khola where we have lunch and reach Soti Khola. We have successfully completed the Tsum valley trek and we can celebrate with snacks and drinks at Soti Khola.

17 DAY

Drive back to Kathmandu - 7/8 hrs drive

Today, we grab on a bus after breakfast and drive to Kathmandu. We drive through most of the same route descending from Hanuman Danda and grabbing lunch there. Today is the last day we will see the beautiful hills and Himalayas so we enjoy the scenic drive back to Kathmandu. You will be dropped off at your hotel. In the evening, you will celebrate a farewell party with the company representatives.

18 DAY

Farewell from Nepal

After the Tsum valley trek is over, it’s time to leave Nepal and go back home. We’ll pick you up three hours before your international flight and take you to the airport. We hope that the time you spend with us in the Central Himalayas will give you memories that you will remember for the rest of your life. You are welcome to stay longer in Nepal if you want to, and the country has a lot of history and culture to offer. Glorious Himalayas hopes your flight goes well and wishes you a safe trip.

Trip Includes

  • Airport pick-ups and drop-offs by private vehicle.
  • 3 nights of 3-star standard hotel accommodation in Kathmandu city inclusive of breakfast.
  • 1-day Kathmandu sightseeing tour guided by a city tour guide with private transport.
  • 14 nights of twin-sharing local lodges accommodation while on the trek.
  • Full board meals while on the trek. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • All the essential trekking permits and official paperwork for the trek.
  • An experienced and government-certified trekking guide for the trek.
  • Supporting porters to carry your belongings during the trek. (1 porter for 2 guests)
  • Bothway Kathmandu-Soti Khola-Kathmandu transports by local bus or jeep.
  • Waterproof duffel bag and sleeping bag to use for the trek. (provided on request)
  • First aid medicine with an oximeter to check your pulse and oxygen level while on the trek.
  • Trip achievement certificate after successful trip completion.
  • Nepalese cuisine farewell dinner program at a typical restaurant with a cultural show.
  • All government taxes and company service charges.

Trip Exclude

  • Nepal entry visa and international flights
  • Your travel insurance.
  • Your personal expenses such as hot shower, charging, use of WIFI while on the trek.
  • All kinds of beverages. (alcohol, mineral bottled water, cold and hot drinks)
  • Entrance fees for Kathmandu sightseeing.
  • Tips to the guide and porters.

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Traveller’s Review

In Spring 2013 I made a trip to Tsum valley in Nepal using service of Glorious Himalaya trekking company. The trip lasts about 3 weeks. Experience was perfect – very good service, that came up to my expectations. We had perfect guide (it’s necessary in that area), who helped us to communicate with domestic people, provided us good information about places of interest, history, geography etc. of the region.


Sergey and my wife
Moscow, Russia

$ 1300

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