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4773 meters - Kyanjin Ri


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Some highlights of Short Langtang Valley Trek

  • Explore the Valley of Glaciers within a week.
  • 360-degree mountain views from Kyanjin Ri viewpoint.
  • Hike along the lush green jungle and river.
  • Passes through ethnic settlements, surreal landscapes and valleys.


We are delighted to offer a 6-days Short Langtang Valley trek to you. Our Short Langtang Valley trek is for travelers with limited time but still dream of hiking around the Himalayan regions.

Nepal, nestled within the embrace of the mighty Himalayas, is a trekker’s paradise offering a plethora of awe-inspiring trails that lead to breathtaking vistas and cultural experiences. Among these, Short Langtang Valley Trek stands out as a captivating journey that combines natural beauty, cultural exploration, and an unforgettable trekking experience. This short trek, spanning around 6 days, takes you through the heart of the Langtang region, revealing stunning landscapes, charming villages, and a glimpse into the local Tamang culture.

The Short Langtang Valley Trek begins in the bustling city of Kathmandu, where trekkers embark on a scenic drive to Syabrubesi. Syabrubesi is the starting point of this journey. As you leave the urban landscape behind and venture into the Langtang National Park, you are greeted by lush forests, cascading waterfalls, and the melodic sound of birdsong. The trail gradually ascends, offering trekkers a chance to acclimatize as they approach higher altitudes.

One of the highlights of the trek is the opportunity to explore the quaint villages that dot the landscape. Ghodatabela, Langtang Village, and Kyanjin Gompa are some of the stops along the way, each offering a unique insight into the local way of life. The Tamang people, an indigenous community of the region, are known for their warm hospitality and rich cultural heritage. Trekkers often have the chance to interact with the locals, learn about traditional practices, and even partake in religious ceremonies.

The trek also grants access to breathtaking viewpoints that showcase the grandeur of the Himalayas. The Kyanjin Ri viewpoint, reached after a challenging ascent, rewards trekkers with panoramic views of snow-capped peaks, including Langtang Lirung, Dorje Lakpa, and Langshisha Ri.

Beyond its natural beauty and cultural encounters, it is also an opportunity for self-discovery and personal challenge. The varying terrain, from dense forests to rocky moraines, tests trekkers’ physical endurance and mental resilience. The altitude adds an extra layer of difficulty, making proper acclimatization and pacing essential for a successful journey.

For those with a passion for flora and fauna, the Langtang National Park offers a chance to spot a variety of wildlife, including the elusive red panda and various species of birds. The region’s diverse ecosystem, ranging from subtropical forests to alpine meadows, provides a habitat for a wide range of species, adding an element of excitement to the trek.

In recent years, efforts have been made to promote sustainable tourism in the Langtang region. Trekkers are encouraged to minimize their environmental impact by following the “Leave No Trace” principles and respecting local customs. Supporting local lodges and businesses also contributes to the economic well-being of the communities along the trail.

In conclusion, our Short Langtang Valley Trek is a compact yet enriching adventure that encapsulates the essence of Nepal’s natural beauty and cultural diversity. With its awe-inspiring landscapes, close encounters with local traditions, and a sense of accomplishment, this trek offers an unforgettable experience for both novice and experienced trekkers.

As you traverse through picturesque villages, ascend to breathtaking viewpoints, and immerse yourself in the Himalayan way of life, the Short Langtang Valley Trek leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of all those who embark on this mesmerizing journey.

If you are a novice trekker and want to spend some more days in the Langtang region then our 10-day Langtang Valley Trek might be the right trip for you. Our longer version Langtang Valley Trek package includes an additional rest day at Kyanjin Gompa.

Check out our itinerary for Short Langtang Valley Trek below or just send us an email and we’ll tailor-make an itinerary based on your requirements.

Adventure journey for all ages

Our Short Langtang Valley trek is an ideal adventure for couples, families, and small group tours alike, offering a perfect blend of natural beauty, cultural immersion, and moderate trekking challenges. Couples can relish in the romantic ambiance of the Himalayan landscapes while families can bond over shared experiences amidst the breathtaking scenery and warm hospitality of local communities.

With its relatively short duration and moderate difficulty level, the Short Langtang Valley trek is suitable for adventurers of all ages, making it an excellent choice for families seeking a memorable outdoor getaway. Similarly, small group tours can enjoy the camaraderie of exploring together while benefiting from personalized attention and flexibility in the itinerary. Whether it’s marveling at snow-capped peaks, encountering diverse flora and fauna, or experiencing the region’s rich cultural tapestry, the Langtang Valley trek promises an unforgettable journey for all who embark upon it.

Best seasons to go on this trek

The best trekking seasons for the short Langtang Valley trek are generally during the spring and autumn months. Spring, from March to May, offers clear skies, blooming rhododendrons, and moderate temperatures, making it an excellent time to witness the vibrant flora and fauna along the trail.

The autumn months of September to November boast stable weather conditions, with crisp mornings and clear mountain views, ideal for trekkers seeking stunning vistas of the Langtang Himalayas.

These seasons provide optimal trekking conditions, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Langtang Valley. However, it’s essential to check weather forecasts and trail conditions beforehand, as weather patterns can vary, particularly at higher altitudes.

Alternative Routes and Side Trips

In addition, the main Short Langtang Valley trek offers adventurers the unique opportunity to combine several distinct treks and side trips, creating a comprehensive and unforgettable Himalayan experience. By integrating the Ganjala Pass trek, trekkers can test their limits with exhilarating high-altitude crossings while soaking in panoramic views of the Langtang Himalayas.

Along the way, the Tamang Heritage Trail presents a cultural journey through traditional Tamang villages, offering insights into local customs and lifestyles. Adding the Gosainkunda Lake trek to the itinerary adds a spiritual dimension, with sacred lakes and religious sites enriching the trekking experience.

Furthermore, exploring the Helambu region unveils picturesque landscapes and encounters with Sherpa communities. For those craving additional adventure, side trips to Langsisha Kharka and Tserko Ri promise breathtaking vistas and remote wilderness exploration, completing an epic journey through the diverse landscapes and cultures of the Langtang Valley region.

Short Langtang Valley Trek Itinerary

01 DAY

Drive from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi (1,550m/ 5,085ft) - 7 hrs drive



Kathmandu to Syabrubesi drive

After an early morning meal, our journey commences with a jeep ride from Machhapokhari, Kathmandu, embarking on a captivating seven to eight-hour expedition destined for Syabrubesi. Throughout the voyage, we are treated to a plethora of stunning vistas. For the inhabitants of Syabrubesi, this village holds great significance, serving as both a vital trading post and a focal point of communal life. The entire Langtang vicinity’s denizens convene at this bustling marketplace, ensuring the procurement of essential commodities, as it stands as the pivotal commercial nexus linked with the capital, Kathmandu.

Amidst the drive, a remarkable opportunity presents itself to soak in the awe-inspiring, sweeping panorama of the Himalayas. This grandeur encompasses renowned peaks like Annapurna, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, and the iconic summits of the Langtang region. Our day’s journey concludes with a lodge accommodation in Syabrubesi, where we will rest for the night.

Driving Distance::

145 km/ 90 miles

Elevation Gain::

150 m/ 492 ft

Accommodations Type::


Meals included::

Lunch and Dinner

02 DAY

Trek from Syabrubesi to Ghoda Tabela (3,210m/ 10,531ft) - 6 hrs walk

Trek to Ghodatabela

Today’s journey will take us from Syaprubesi to Ghoda Tabela via Lama Hotel, which take us around 6 to 7 hours. Along the way, we’ll cross the Bhote Kosi River, originating from the nearby Tibetan region. As we gradually ascend, we’ll traverse through sub-tropical forests and connect with the trail from Syabru Besi. Our path will lead us through lush woodlands filled with oak, pine, and rhododendron trees.

Throughout the hike, it’s possible to encounter various wildlife such as monkeys, deer, mountain goats, and a variety of bird species. The final stretch of our hike involves a slightly more challenging ascent through the forest, leading us to Lama Hotel and Goretabela. The vistas from Ghoda Tabela are truly breathtaking. We’ll enjoy a relaxed evening at our campsite, indulging in delicious mountain cuisine at Ghoda Tabela.

Walking Distance::

20 KM/ 12.5 miles

Elevation Gain::

2320m/ 7611.5 ft

Accommodation Type::


Meals Included::

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

03 DAY

Trek from Goda Tabela to Kyanjin Gompa (3,870m/ 12,697ft) - 5 hrs walk

Trek to Kyanjin Gompa

Today is the most important day of our Langtang journey as we are heading towards Kyanjin Gompa, where you will be surrounded by spectacular mountain glaciers. The journey from Ghoda Tabela to Kyanjin Gompa offers a delightful and relatively brief trek, presenting captivating mountain panoramas.

The trail gradually ascends through serene yak pastures and moraines, revealing a widening valley that opens up to expansive vistas before the Langtang range. En route, you’ll encounter charming small streams and traverse moraines. Our final hike gently leads to the Tibetan-influenced settlement of Lama, nestled in Kyanjin.

Upon reaching Kyanjin Gompa, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of Buddhist monasteries and even visit a Cheese factory. Once settled in Kyanjin, indulge in a leisurely lunch and embark on a short hike to explore the local terrain and engage with the community. Should you have extra time on your hands, consider venturing towards Langshisha Kharka for a captivating encounter with breathtaking mountain vistas and the enchanting spectacle of a splendid sunset.

Walking Distance::

15 KM/ 9.3 miles

Elevation Gain::

660m/ 2165 ft

Accommodation Type::


Meals Included::

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

04 DAY

Hike to Kyanjin Ri and trek down to Langtang Village (3,430m/ 11,253ft) - 7/8 hrs walk

Hike to Kyanjin Ri

Embark on the Kyanjin Ri hike, setting off in the early morning glow between 4 AM and 5:00 AM. This adventure promises both challenge and reward as you ascend towards the majestic Kyanjin Ri. The trail winds steeply upward, guiding you through rugged rocky terrain on your journey to the summit. Your efforts will be met with the astounding panorama of Langtang Lirung, Langshisa Ri, Dorje Lakpa, and their snow-draped companions, illuminated by the rising sun over the Himalayan expanse – a truly mesmerizing sight.

Standing triumphantly atop Kyanjin Ri at 4,773 meters/ 15,660 ft, take a moment to absorb the breathtaking vistas embracing the encircling mountains and the Langtang Valley sprawling below. Once you’ve savored the sunrise spectacle and indulged in your summit triumph, begin your descent towards Kyanjin Gompa.

Returning to Kyanjin Gompa, satiate your appetite with a hearty breakfast at the teahouse, replenishing your energy reserves. With renewed vigor, initiate your homeward trek towards Langtang Village. Following the same path as your ascent to Kyanjin Gompa, the trail guides you through a scenic descent.

After a total 7-8 hours of trekking, including your remarkable hike to Kyanjin Ri, you’ll find yourself back amidst the embrace of Langtang Village. Here, you can unwind, relax, and immerse yourself in the unspoiled allure of the Langtang region. Your night’s sanctuary awaits in a cozy teahouse within Langtang Village, allowing you to rest and rejuvenate, surrounded by nature’s serene beauty.

Walking Distance::

15 KM/ 9.3 miles

Accommodation Type::


Elevation Gain::

903m/ 2962.6 ft

Meals Included::

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

05 DAY

Trek from Langtang Village to Syabrubesi (1,550m/ 5,085ft) - 8/9 hrs walk


Trek down to Syabrubesi

Embark on a captivating journey as you descend through the picturesque Langtang Valley. Traverse through verdant forests, and charming suspension bridges over the Langtang Khola (river), and relish in the panoramic vistas of the encircling peaks. Alongside the meandering Langtang Khola, you’ll find numerous occasions to immerse yourself in the tranquil riverside scenes and the serenity that envelops the Langtang Valley.

A delightful pause for lunch awaits you at a cozy teahouse or a specially designated resting point en route. After rejuvenating meal, resume your expedition towards the destination of Syabrubesi. The Bhote Koshi River will greet you once more as you draw near to Syabrubesi. Your trekking duration of approximately 8-9hours will culminate in Syabrubesi, the both initial point and ultimate stop of the Langtang Valley trek.

Our adventure ends here and stay overnight at the local guesthouse in Syabrubesi.

Walking Distance::

26 KM/ 16 miles

Elevation Drop::

1880m/ 6168 ft

Accommodation Type::


Meals Included::

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

06 DAY

Drive from Syabrubesi to Kathmandu (1,400m/ 4,594ft) - 7 hrs drive


Today is the last day of our 6 days Short Langtang Valley trek. We’ll reach Kathmandu City through an exhilarating drive, navigating through picturesque landscapes adorned with vibrant greenery, and alongside the unbridled Trishuli River that gracefully winds through valleys and hills. Upon reaching Kathmandu, we will transfer you to your respective hotel where you have booked your room.

Walking Distance: :

0 Km

Elevation Drop::

150 m/ 492 ft

Meals Included: :

Breakfast & Lunch

Price includes

  • Airport pick-up and drop-off service on request.
  • Trip briefing in Kathmandu prior to the trek.
  • Both-way local jeep transportation. (Kathmandu-Syabrubesi-Kathmandu)
  • An experienced and certified trekking guide.
  • Supporting porters to carry your stuff during the trek. (1 porter for 2 customers)
  • 5 nights of twin-sharing local lodge accommodations while in the mountain region.
  • 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch & dinner) during the trek in the mountain region.
  • Seasonal fresh fruit dessert every evening after your dinner.
  • All the necessary trekking permits and paperwork for the trek.
  • First aid kits for the trek. (Our local guide will carry it)
  • Company duffel bags and sleeping bags to use for the hike if needed.
  • Trip achievement certificate after the successful trek.
  • Helicopter rescue and medication in case of any emergency while on the trek. (In this case, you should have travel insurance or you should pay in cash)
  • All the company service charges and government taxes.


Price Excludes

  • International flights and Nepal visa fees.
  • Kathmandu hotel accommodations. (We can book at your request)
  • Your personal expenses such as alcoholic drinks, mineral bottled water, battery charging, use of WIFI, and hot shower in the mountain region.
  • Tips to the trekking crews.

Trip FAQ's

Is it possible to extend your itinerary?

Yes, you can prolong our itinerary according to your timeframe. You just tell us your desire and we will craft an itinerary based on your requirements.

Are there ATM service on the trail?

Limited ATM facility is available only in Dhunche and Syabrubesi. Further up, you won’t get ATM service. Most of the time in Dhunche and Syabrubesi ATMs may not work due to frequent power cuts. So, we suggest you manage cash before the trek in Kathmandu. You can exchange local currency at Thamel.

Should I need to carry extra money for the trek?

If you book this trek on full board service, all your meals, transports, accommodations, permits, and guides will be included. However, there are some extra expenses that you need to pay yourself while on the trek. Such as cold drinks, alcoholic drinks, and bakery items are not included in your package. Besides, uses of WIFI, hot shower, and battery charging are also not included.

Therefore, an additional 15-20 dollars per day is required for the extra expenses if you want to use these services. If you drink beers, bakery items, and cold drinks frequently, you might need more than the given price.

What sorts of foods and accommodations can I get on this trek?

On this trek, tea houses provide foods menu for visitors. If you booked a full board service with us, you will get 3 meals every day that includes Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner with tea or coffee at breakfast. Trekkers can find continental, Chinese and Indian as well as Nepalese dishes that are prepared at the tea houses along the trail.

You will be served porridge, muesliboiled/fried egg, omelets, toast, pancakes, and soups along with tea or coffee for breakfast.
For Lunch and dinner, you can order pizza, fried rice, plain rice, fry potatoes, chowmein/spaghetti, pasta/macaroni, or momo. Instead of all these international dishes, you can order local Daal Bhaat for your lunch and even dinner. Daal Bhaat is the common food menu of every Nepalese for lunch and dinner.

Regarding the accommodations, twin-sharing common local lodge accommodations will be provided throughout this trek. In most of the places, you will get sharing toilets with other trekkers. Only at Syaburbesi, you will have an attached bathroom with a hot shower running from the tap.

Who will be my guide and porters?

You will be guided by our native local guide and supported by local porters. Your guides are well experienced, knowledgeable, and helpful and were born in the mountain region of Nepal. All our guides are fully trained and certified by the Nepal government. Each of our guides has led this trek more than 10 times with positive feedback from our previous clients.

Our guide speaks English well enough and takes care of you every step while on the trek. On this trek, your guide will take all of your responsibility such as accommodations, meals, transport permits, etc. And porters are the heroes of the mountain region trek that is behind the scenes. They transfer your belongings from one place to another destination safely throughout the trip for your comfort and pleasant hike. Thus, we would like to request all our guests to give respect to those heroes who make our trip successful.


What is the maximum elevation of this trek?

The maximum elevation of this trek is 4,773 meters/ 15659 ft at Kyanjin Ri. Tserko is a viewpoint that offers exceptional views of the mountains and glaciers around. From Kyanjin Gompa, it takes 2.5 hours to reach the Kyanjin Ri viewpoint. We will pay our visit at this point on the 4th day.

Do I need to be insured for this trek?

Trekking to Langtang valley doesn’t require an insurance policy. However, we recommend you to be insured before joining this trek for your financial protection in case of any emergencies. It is a moderate-level trek that goes through remote mountain terrain, rivers, and jungles. The excess of transport and hospitals are out of reach. In this region, the fastest option to get to the well-equipped hospital is by helicopter.

There is always a risk of natural calamities or health issues while traveling to the mountainous region. So, if you are fully insured all of your medication and helicopter rescue expenses will be covered by your insurance company.

What happened if I get any health problem while on this trek?

Don’t worry; you are with the right hand. We will do everything to save your life if there are any difficulties with you in the mountains.

Our native guides are well-trained and authorized by Nepal’s government. They are even trained in first aid medicine and they are eligible for medication in case of an emergency. If you have altitude sickness or any other health issues, you will be certainly taken to the nearby hospital if available. If there aren’t any health posts, you will be transferred to the low elevation as soon as possible.

Even more, if your health condition is getting worse your guide will contact our office in Kathmandu and ask for an emergency helicopter rescue. Then after, you will be transferred to the well-equipped hospital in Kathmandu for further treatment. All these rescue and treatment expenses should be covered by your insurance policy.

In the case of a natural disaster, you will be taken to a safe place with the help of our guide and porters. If the trails are blocked due to natural calamities your guide will try to find the safest and alternative routes. However, if there isn’t any option to go further up or return to Kathmandu, you will be rescued by helicopter and taken to Kathmandu. Your helicopter evacuation expenses should be covered by your insurance policy.

Which mountains I can see during this trek?

While you are on this trek, you can see Mt. Langtang Lirung (7,234m), Mt. Langtang Ri (7,205m), Mt. Dorje Lakpa (6,966m), Mt. Langshisha Ri (6,427m), Mt. Gangchenpo (6,387m), Mt. Yala Peak (5,520m), Mt. Tsogaka (5,846m), Mt. Kyunga Ri (6,601m), Mt. Yansa Tsenji (6,690m), Mt. Dogpache (6,562m), Mt. Changbu (6,781m), Mt. Loenpo Gang (6,979m).

Above mountains can see only from the viewpoint of Kyajin Ri and Tserko Ri.

How fit should I have to be for this trek?

Langtang valley trek is a moderate trek that goes up to the 4,773 meters altitude at Tserko Ri. But you will spend overnight at a height of 3,800 meters only. Relatively, this trek is easier than the other treks of Nepal such as Annapurna Base Camp and Everest base camp. Thus, you don’t need to be fit extremely.

However, doing some training beforehand is much more beneficial for your enjoyment. We suggest you prepare at least 8 weeks before your trip and do regular morning walks, join the gym, swim, climb upstairs, or do short hiking at least once or twice a week. On this trek, your porters will carry your belongings and you have to carry your personal items only.


Are there internet, hot shower and charging facilities on the trail?

Langtang valley trek offers all these services at an additional cost.
Internet Service: Every teahouse has WIFI and they charge an extra cost of around NRS 200 – 400. From Lama Hotel to Kyanjin Gompa, the WIFI connection is not strong as in Kathmandu.

Charging facility: With each and every stop, you will get charging facilities with an additional charge. From the Lama hotel, tea houses have solar power and the price might be a bit higher than in the lower elevations. Charging cost ranges from NRS 150 to 300 per hour.

Hot shower: As like in the Everest and Annapurna regions, you can also get a hot shower facility on the Langtang valley trek. At Syabrubesi, local lodges provide running hot showers with attached bathrooms. Above the Syabrubesi, you will get a bucket hot shower at an extra cost. The price of the hot shower ranges from NRS 200 to 400 per shower.

If the weather is gloomy all day these services may not be available because in the mountain region power is generated by solar.

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Traveller’s Review

We are very satisfied with the guide and porter service provided by Glorious Himalaya Trekking. A couple from Switzerland visited Nepal in April 2023 and did Langtang valley trek through Glorious Himalaya.

This company was recommended by one of our colleague and we found this company totally trustworthy, professional and responsive after using their service in our Nepal visit. Thanks to Mike for your genuine suggestion.

Before, we were plan to do Langtang valley trek through international company but my colleague Mike, suggest us to book this trek with local agency located in Kathmandu. And we did accordingly.

Overall, it was our best memory and will definitely visit Nepal again. Still the sense of natural beauties of Nepal is revolving in our minds.

From Kyanjin Ri Viewpoint 1 1

Geneva, Switzerland

A short Langtang Valley trek experience was truly amazing! The stunning landscapes of Langtang region took our breath away at every turn. It is a journey that everyone should go once in a lifetime. Truly blessed with full of natural beauties.  Visited in the month of February and the trail were full of snow that added a fragrance in our Langtang journey.

Our Langtang valley trip was organized by Glorious Himalaya Company and everything was well organized. Our knowledgeable guide Prakash shared insightful information about the environments. And our porter Saroj and Shiva were very helpful and smiling faces. Without their support it wouldn’t be possible to complete. Heartfelt thanks to our porters for their great support throughout the trek.

In general, it was one the best adventures and accomplishments in our life. We will visit Nepal again and will definitely contact this agency.

Visit in February 2023.

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United Kingdom

6 Days starting from $700

$ 450

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Traveller's Review

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