Mt Kailash Trek via Simikot

22 Days

$ 4000



Group Size:

2+ pax


Plane, Jeep, Bus, Van


5,630m (Dolma La pass)


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

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Hotel, Camping, Lodge

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  • Mt. Kailash, Kora/Parikrama (56km trail) for two and a half days.
  • A Spiritual journey to Mt. Kailash and mesmerizing Manasarovar Lake.
  • Visit Natural Hot Springs, Old Monasteries, Tibetan Medical School at Darchen.
  • explore of the Garuda valley and the Hidden kingdom of Khyunglung,
  • Hike towards Nepal’s most amazing remote and beautiful place of Karnali valley, river.
  • Experience of Shamanism and Tibetan Buddhist culture.
  • Feeling of so rural villages in Karnali zone with high beauty of nature and culture.
  • Amazing views of Lake Manasarovar and Rakash Tal from Gurla la, panoramic views of the holy mountains, Gurla Mandata and Kailash.
  • Various wild/mountain animals in nature.
  • Note: Hiring German-speaking Nepalese tour and Yoga guide would cost US$ 2100 in sharing within the group members.


Our 22-days trek to Mt. Kailash via Simikot allows the adventurous traveler to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of both Nepalese and Tibetan landscapes. On this challenging trip which begins with a pleasant drive from the Nepal-Tibet border, we make our way to Mt. Kailash, completing a six-day-long and strenuous walk from Simikot. The Mt Kailash trek via Simikot gives the adventure-seeking traveler an ultimate adventure experience! The six-day trek through Simikot helps acclimatize to the high mountainous region and minimizes the risk of high altitude sickness. This is why the Simikot trek is most widely used by tourists who plan on visiting the Mt. Kailash area. The trek will also delight those who seek a taste of the spiritual side of Tibet and Nepal. After six days of walking, and one day of driving, we reach the foot of the mighty Mount Kailash! Here, we begin the Kailash Kora or Parikrama; a spiritual walk across a panorama of extraordinary scenery. This walk is a pilgrimage for both Buddhists and Hindus who revere the mountain which was once believed to be the abode of their deities.

A visit to Gyandrag Monastery may be arranged if the traveler wishes to make an additional one-night stay at Darchen. The monastery is located about five kilometers from Darchen village and takes approximately three hours to get to. Gyandrag Monastery was built in the 12th century by Zhikon Kuyay Ganpa and offers a glimpse into more than 800 years of fascinating history. This Monastery belongs to the Kagyu sect and was renovated in 1985. It provides comfortable accommodations, and the additional time spent at the monastery helps the traveler better acclimatize to the high altitude of the region.

Symbolic of spiritual beliefs as well as an oasis of natural beauty, a visit to Mt. Kailash will surely exceed all expectations of travelers to the region! The King of Holy Mountain, Mt. Kailash is also known as Mt. Meru. This mountain is the center of the Buddhist world where the founder of Buddhism, Sakyamuni, performed Buddhist rites. It is also known as the Hall of Lord Shiva in Hinduism. This is no imagined world described in Abhidharmako Satra of Buddhist scripture, but a real Mountain, offering deep, spiritual peace, that the traveler may experience first-hand. Mt. Kailash’s peak is the highest snow-capped peak in the grandiose range, and the meaning of the name, Kailash, is a precious snow mountain or saint in the Tibetan language. Mt. Kailash is a Sacred Mountain in Tibet. The elevation of Mt. Kailash is 6,714 meters above sea level. The picture of Kailash is often placed together with the figure of Buddha on the Buddhist shrines of Tibet. Travelers making the Mt. Kailash trek via Simikot have the opportunity to visit a more spiritual site such as Khumglung, Grudem Tirthapuri, etc. as they make this wonderful pilgrimage around Kailash.

The traveler should bear in mind that, given the remoteness and high altitude of this mountainous region, flight delays due to inclement weather are a potential risk.

Check out our fixed itinerary for Mt Kailash Trek via Simikot or just send us an email and we’ll tailor-make an itinerary based on your requirements.


01 DAY

Arrival in Kathmandu - (1335m)

After your arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport in medieval and modernized Kathmandu, you will be warmly greeted by our office representative and transferred to the hotel. After check-in and some refreshments, our senior sherpa guide will come to meet you and give you a brief orientation about Simikot Kailash trek. You can then go for a stroll down the Thamel street to get familiar with the neighborhood, have supper and go to bed. This is your first overnight in the valley of temples and cows, probably the most in the world.

02 DAY

Sightseeing tour around Kathmandu

The capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu, being the historical and cultural heart of the country, is a popular destination for tourists, trekkers and other sorts of adventure seekers. The city is a marvelous amalgamation of Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, and Western cultures and influences. Patan and Bhaktapur are its two major neighboring cities. These two cities, like Kathmandu, have a rich historical, cultural and religious legacy which is reflected in the many temples, monuments, and artifacts that they contain. You will be taken on a half-day guided tour of Kathmandu and Bhaktapur cities. In Kathmandu, you will be visiting Pashupatinath, the most famous and revered Hindu shrine in the country; Boudhanath, the largest Buddhist stupa in Nepal, Soyambhunath, which contains both Buddhist and Hindu shrines and stands as testimony to the religious harmony that exists in the country; and the 15th-century 55-window palace in Bhaktapur. An orientation session for the trek, which commences the following day, will be organized in the evening.

03 DAY

Flight to Nepalgunj - (150m)

This late afternoon we take a flight to Nepalgunj for about an hour. flight route would take over the various green hill along the southern side of the Himalaya. Nepalgunj is the far west crowded city, which is close to India. There is a border between Nepal and India, called the Rupadiya border. Besides, Nepalgunj is too hot, this is why we manage late afternoon flights. Transfer to Hotel from Nepalgunj airport about 4 to 7 kilometers. Overnight Hotel on Full board meals.

04 DAY

Flight to Simikot (2910m) and Trek to Dharapuri - (2270m) 3 hrs Trek

Early morning we will take another domestic flight for Simikot/Humla. This flight will give you amazing experiences across the white mountain. Simikot is the district headquarter of the Humla. So, our guide will bring you to the airport to depart. Flight duration will be about 50 minutes through stunning and an adventurous above high hills and sometime between hills. After getting off from the aircraft, we move for something to eat to our pre campsite then continue to head our destination Dharapuri, somewhere field of buckwheat, barley, wheat & potatoes. We ascend at first-hour rocky trail hills of Simikot & then steeply down through blue pine forest, as the second hour but the trail is wide. The last hour walking is almost flat & left down the Karnali River, which is the longest river in Nepal following west to east, which cuts through the Himalayas in Nepal and joins the Sharda River at Brahmaghat in India. Overnight Camping on full board meals.

05 DAY

Trek to Kermi - (2690m) 5 hrs Trek

After breakfast, we start our trek for Kermi. We walk today for about four to five hours. Normally, we make a lunch camp at Kermi. We suggest you carry some dry food always with you & do not walk far from your group because it is a cliffy trail and on the way, we sometimes meet domestic animals which can push you into the Karnali. Today we encounter a beautiful waterfall & we do follow the Karnali River. It is an amazing scenery of the trip. And this day could be a strong sun so far. Late afternoon we visit hot spring which is about 30 minutes above your camping ground. Overnight camping on full board meals.

06 DAY

Trek to Yalbang Monastery/School - (2890m) 6 hrs Trek

Today, we follow a scenic trail along with the peaches tress & big pine forest. And in the first hour, it will be sunny. Weather permitted, we can see Mt.Api, Mt.Saipal, and a beautiful valley. The trail is wide & partly built off-road but not completed. And no worries that do not run any motors. We head to lunch place at the top where another trail goes to Limi Valley, we just continue down from the top for Yalbang Monastery this is the monastery, where the monks brought many sacred things of the Tibetan Monasteries from Tibet during the cultural revolution. interested can take part in the evening or, morning Puja together with the Monks and can do meditation, can do mythological questions to Rimpoche. Overnight campsite on full board meals.

07 DAY

Trek to Tumkot Khola - (3060m) 6 hrs Trek

This day, no more trees to protect from the sun. Be careful with crossing animals while encountering with them because the trail is cliff & just down running Karnali. We will come across scenic villages, as usual, villages like Anger, Muchu. Muchu is one of the biggest villages of our trip trail. Normally people reach the campsite a little early which allows washing dirty stuff & taking bath into the river. Local tea shops bring to you some Chinese Lhasa beer & Coca-Cola at the campsite to sell it. Evening 30 minutes accent to an old monastery and village of Tumkot, ideally for the acclimatization. Overnight camping on full board meals.

08 DAY

Trek to Thado Dhunga - (3745m) 7/8 hrs

Immediately after leaving the campground, we cross a suspension bridge and climb steep uphill for about an hour. Then, we gradually ascend through a windy trail. We will have a hot lunch on the way and see the barren landscape and Mount Sailpal too. We leave the left-hand side below a big picturesque Yari village which is picturesque. This evening will be cold because we are camping just below of the Nara La pass. Overnight Camping on full board meals.

09 DAY

Trek to Nara La pass (4580m) and Hilsa (3720m) 5hrs Trek and drive to Purang(3770m)

Today, we wake up earlier than the previous day because better to cross the Nara La pass before it gets windy. Normally, camp to the top (pass) takes one & a half hours. Descends to the Hilsa border takes three hours. Just from behind the pass, we can see the land of Tibet with a barren valley. And on the opposite side can be seen the big hill where trail fallows for the Limi valley. Next side of the Hilsa where our crew from Tibet will be waiting for us. Before crossing the border you need to provide some greetings & tipping to the crew who came from Simikot with us. And then drive to Purang for about half an hour. Do not take with you any books, papers, flags, pictures or anything against China & never try to take pictures around the Chinese official side, especially military camp and so on. Overnight at Guesthouse with full board meals.

10 DAY

Drive to Tirthapuri (4320m) 4 hrs drive

After breakfast, we drive to Tirthapuri via Darchen with a scenery of the Tibetan plateau, Mt Gurla Mandata, Rashkyas Tal (lake), Mansarovar lake & Mt Kailash. At Tirthapuri, there is a hot spring. Overnight camping on full board meals.

11 DAY

Rest day

Today is a rest day, we will wash clothing & if the campground is not clean we do clean, and take bath. There is a bathhouse as well. We then visit the Cave Monastery meditated by Padma Shambhava. and make three possible circles of the Buddhist Cementary hill Overnight at tented camp on full board meals.

12 DAY

45 Minutes drive into the Garuda valley

On the way, we visit the Guru Dem cave monastery on the hillside and the newly built Bon monastery. We then Camp in the Sutlej riverbank, a wild valley of the hidden kingdom of Khyunglung. Enjoy your afternoon with the huge, natural and multiple hot springs just by the river edges.

13 DAY

Exploration Day

3 hrs exploration of Khyunglung kingdom by the foot of the cliffs in the opposite of the Sutlej river. It is the ruins of the first /early hidden kingdom of the Bonpos. Ruins of the palaces and hundreds of the caves, where the Bon religion lived in the ancient period.

14 DAY

Drive to Tholing via Chomo La Pass (5,050 meters), 5 hrs

Today we cross Chomo La Pass and head towards Tholing and visit the hidden kingdom Guge (Tsaparang). The kingdom of Guge, which was destroyed after the war that broke between the Guge Kingdom and the Muslim kingdom from Kashmir (Now in India). The Victory of the Rival Kingdom led to the destruction of the entire Guge Kingdom. The land which was once settled and is now barren and abandoned. We visit the caves which once used to be the home of the Guge people. We also visit of Tholing white and red monasteries. Overnight in Tibetan family guest house.

15 DAY

Drive to Darchen (4670m) 5 hrs drive

We drive back to Darchen (foot of the Mount Kailash), Visit around Darchen town & also Tibetan medicine center as well. If possible try to visit above Darchen for acclimatization & beware from the dogs. Overnight at a guest a house on full board meals.

16 DAY

First Day of Mt. Kailash Kora: Trek to Dirapuk (5000m) 5-6 hrs

Today, we start Mount Kailash kora from Darchen with certain camping stuff carried by our supporter truck till the Tarpoche tea shop. The camping stuff is then loaded on Yaks and thereafter we start our trekking with our crew. We follow the trail that leads to Dirapuk where we will have a remarkable view of the north face of Mt. Kailash. Overnight camping in Dirapuk on full board meals.

17 DAY

Second Day of Mt. Kailash Kora: Trek to Dolma La pass (5630m) 3 hrs and Zutulpuk (4600m) 3hrs.

Today will be the most challenging part of our trip. We ascend Dolma-la Pass at 5,630m which is the highest point of Kailash Kora (round), and also the highest pass in the world. The gorgeous high pass is permeated with beautiful five-colored flags and offers you stunning views. The name Dolma is a feminine word in Tibetan meaning the Goddess with seven eyes. From Dolma-la Pass, we descend to Zutulpuk and visit a few ancient cave monasteries. Overnight in Zutulpuk on full board meals.

18 DAY

Third Day of Mt. Kailash Kora: Trek for about 3 hrs. and drive to Manasarovar (4582m)

Today we trek for 3 hours, gradually moving out of the valley towards Barka plain and complete our holy kora of Mount Kailash at Darchen. Next, we take a 40 minutes drive to Mansarovar Lake, the sacred lake which holds the religious significance for both Buddhists and Hindus and considered the greatest pilgrim journey. The lake is purer than sapphire and one can see through dozens of meters into the lake. Overnight camp at Manasarovar near Chiu Monastery on full board meals.

19 DAY

Long drive to Saga- 495 km, 6 hours:

Today we have to accomplish a long drive to Saga. We cross past HorQui and across the Mayum La pass and also get Glimpses of small towns like Zhongba and Paryang. Passing Paryang, we complete a 495 km long journey from Mansarovar to Saga. Reaching Saga we freshen up and rest after a long journey. Overnight on full board meals.

20 DAY

Drive to Kerung and exit to Syabrubesi, 5-6 hrs drive:

Today, after breakfast we drive about 5/6 hours along the scenic landscape towards Kerung, a border town where we bid farewell to our Tibetan guides and drivers. Overnight in Kerung on full board meals.

21 DAY

Drive to Kathmandu, 7-8 hrs drive

After a hearty breakfast at our own pace, we pack up and get set for our drive to Kathmandu where the comforts of our hotel await us with a soft comfortable bed. Overnight in the valley of the gods or so they say…at our hotel in Kathmandu and a comfy soft bed.

22 DAY

Departure from Nepal

This is After breakfast and our last day in Kathmandu, our vehicle and escorts will be on standby to drop you to the international airport three hours before our scheduled flight back home. At Glorious Adventure, meeting you has been a great honor and we pray for your Safe journey home and will reflect on the wonderful times we spent together. Bon Voyage!!! We hope to see you again someday…

Trip Includes

  • All the airport and hotel transfer as per the itinerary.
  • All the domestic flights and surface transportation as per the itinerary.
  • 3 nights hotel accommodation in Kathmandu city at 3-star hotel inclusive bed and breakfast.
  • 1-night hotel accommodation in Nepalgunj city inclusive full board meals.
  • All the essential trekking permits of Nepal and Tibet parts and monasteries entry fees.
  • Tibet visa fees.
  • All the essential camping and kitchen equipment such as tents, mattress and kitchen utensil.
  • Supporting porters and mules to carry your luggage, camping equipment, and foods.
  • Twin sharing tented accommodation during the trip.
  • All meals supply from our kitchen which is as much as local and organic
  • An expert English speaking Nepal trekking guide for Nepal part and Tibetan guide for Tibet part.
  • A Comprehensive medical kit box.
  • Staffs Transfers, Wedges and insurance.
  • Company guarantee for the emergency evacuation services, clients are required to have travel insurance. which covers the evacuation and medical supply cost.
  • Shamanism performance in Simikot on require.
  • Farewell dinner in Kathmandu with the cultural programs

Trip Exclude

  • International airfare
  • Extra night hotel and foods in Nepalgunja on flight cancellation to Simikot due to the bad weather.
  • The helicopter charter cost to Simikot from Nepalgunj, on flight cancellation due to bad weather.
  • Expenses of the personal nature and any alcoholic and soft drinks
  • Restaurant food bills on the tour, if the clients decide to go to the restaurant during our camping period.
  • Guesthouses cost where ever out of the plan
  • Nepal re-entry visa fee.
  • Riding horse along the trek.
  • Extra porter for the personal day bag pack
  • Extra cost on natural disasters and politics demonstration
  • Any activities against Chinese government rules and regulations
  • Extra night hotels in Kathmandu than plan
  • Gratuities to the Camp and kitchen staff as well as the Tibetan crews.

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