Meals and Accommodations

Meals & accommodation for our cardinal clients is the main priority of Glorious Himalaya Trekking Company. We always concentrated our service in best meals & accommodation during the trekking and tour period. We always thought that hygienic meals & accommodation help our clients to be healthy while on the trekking.
An expert cook and support staff are always a part of all our trekking teams. This allows us to serve you three meals during treks.

Breakfast: Bread, porridge, chapatis, omelettes, boiled eggs, tea, coffee, milk.

Lunch: Pasta, salad, soup, bread, vegetables.

Dinner: Rice, vegetables, meat, soup, pasta, dessert.

We do not provide items like crisps, aerated drinks, alcohol, snack bars and energy drinks during treks. However, as there are plenty of lodges in most trekking routes, you can always buy these items.