Are you in search of an authentic local tour operator in Nepal for a long-term partnership? Let’s get in touch with us. 

We are looking forward to partnering with international tour operators, guides, and individuals to expand our boundaries and would be very grateful to work with you among our B2B travel partners. Expanding your business network requires making new connections. So, partnering with a local company like GHT will help to benefit both sides and also helps to grow both of us together. Furthermore, our professional and highly skilled leader will guide your customers to have a pleasant Nepal trip experience, increasing your client base even without sitting in Nepal.

Who are we?

Since 2010, “Glorious Himalaya Trekking” Pvt. Ltd has been working as a Nepal-based trekking and tour operator. GHT is skilled seasoned outdoor operators that provide some of the most rousing experiences in the raw wilderness across some of the most remote and beautiful terrains in the world. Our professional and experienced tour guides originate from a variety of places and destinations you hike through have a wealth of knowledge and not only know their jobs well, but they also enjoy it which makes your trek more cheerful and memorable.

Moreover, GHT offers a wide range of tour services including hiking, trekking, city tours, peak climbing and other adventure activities.

In addition, we are affiliated with the Nepal Tourism Board of the government of Nepal, recognized by the Nepal government’s trekking agency and Tourism Industry Division, we’re also members of the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) and the Trekking Agency’s Association of Nepal (TAAN) and all of our travel guides are licensed and approved by the government.

Why should you partner with us?

Glorious Himalaya Trekking is an inbound local tour company owned by Himalayan experts.  We aim to be a trusted partner, operating with honesty and in full transparency, never sacrificing long-term value for short-term results.

We believe in long-term relationships that bring value to both businesses. Thus, our team believes in win-wins. We provide competitive rates to the partners for long-term business relationships.

We put our expertise at the service of our partners and believe in providing them with the highest quality of service possible.

Here are some reasons for your thought why you should go with GHT:

1. Local Himalayan expertise and skills:

  1. Our company is well-known and trustworthy and run by a dedicated and professional staff.
  2. team members have been in the trekking and tour business for a long time they have a good experience in trekking, organizing, and managing the trip.
  3. As our guides are from the rugged and rural areas of Nepal, they are well trained and highly experienced in climbing techniques, mountain trekking, and vast knowledge about safety measures as well as local standards and processes for dealing with emergencies.
  4. Our tour guides hold a tourism ministry license.
  5. We have experienced and well-knowledgeable Sherpa mountaineers who have summited 8,000m over mountains.

2. Health and safety:

  1. For years, our top concern has been to ensure the safety, security, comfort, and pleasure of our clients.
  2. All our guides have been trained in first aid and how to treat high altitude sickness.
  3. We get a tracking device and leave your identity and description of yourself on the route.

3. Reasonable price:

  1. We offer more than 100 trekking and tour packages to our valued customers, as well as a wide selection of services at reasonable costs.
  2. Our relationship with premier transportation, hotel, and airline companies enables us to offer affordable rates to the agencies assuring their success in today’s competitive business environment.
  3. Our treks, tours, and mountain expedition packages are affordable price to fit our client’s budgets, interests, and timeframes while maintaining our high level of service and dedication to ethical travel.

4. We believe in excellency:

  1. GHT always believes in providing quality and good service for our client’s satisfaction
  2. Our professional team members are actively working to make your journey as enjoyable and satisfying as possible.
  3. We organize various kinds of adventurous activities concerning all people who are involved in it and try to predict the threats so, in advance, we can take proper safety measures.

5. 100% commitment to our clients:

We will give our 100% to make our customers satisfied and their safety. Please know that your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we will never neglect it and clients are in our whole attention throughout the tour. 

6. 24/7 assistance service:

We offer dependable 24-hour service if you have any queries or emergency incidents. We also commit to responding to any inquiries or requests received by email or phone as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours.

7. Social and environmental sustainability:

Glorious Himalaya Trekking always respects the social issues of the local people, as well as the aspect of good ecological practice. 

8. Environmental sustainability:

  1. We use bio-cooking gas instead of firewood and organic food during the trek.
  2. We don’t throw trash on trails and mountains.
  3. Our camping staff and camping groups clean up the camping ground after their stay.
  4. We avoid disturbing wild animals to protect the environment, flora, and fauna during the trekking

9. Social sustainability:

  1. We try our best to employ the local people of the area we trek.
  2. We generally serve local food during our treks to support the local economy.
  3. We cover life, medical, and emergency rescue insurance for all our climbing guides, trekking guides, Sherpas, and porters.
  4. We will do everything we can to ensure that our clients always follow local cultural norms and values.

We are happy to collaborate with you or your dedicated team. Drop us your lines at