Tibet Tour Program With Glorious Himalaya

Tibet tour, although our specialty is conducting short hikes, long treks and peak climbing expeditions in Nepal, we also conduct overland tours and trekking trips to neighboring Tibet. Under the Tibet Tour program, we take visitors to Lhasa, Mt. Kailash tour either on a scenic drive or on a long and more adventurous hike.

Tibet tour is awesome landscape, an ancient Buddhist culture, hidden valleys, artistic Monasteries & exotic cities as well as century’s old routes. Tibet tour can be done through mixed with trekking and overland driving. Tour to Tibet is one of the most popular in the world compass. Tibet tour will be lifetime memorable & surely different experiences than other tours of the world. Mount Kailash, it is home of Lord Shiva and known as precious snow copped peak. This tour offers you mostly barren region with naturally castle with differences images of the temples & other. Tour in Tibet; also provide you beautiful lakes which connected the histories since centuries with Buddhist & Hindu religious. Mostly, visitors visit around Kailash from Indian people as pilgrims? trip to kailash. They do Tibet tour with helicopter until to the western border of Nepal which called Hilsa. And there is another two more way to get into Tibet for foreigners from Nepal. Tibet tour is by flight to Lhasa and another eastern border which called Kodari border or Friendship Bridge.

Tibet tour can be done from another route. Some western tourist use to follow the route via Humla district of remote western Nepal. This trail offer you about a week trekking with acclimatization throughout scenic landscape,beautiful mountains as high as passes elevation approximately 4300 meter above sea level. And there is another high pass to get starts from Humla along the Limi valley with the elevation of 4,900m. By the way, we pleased suggest you do not take a book which written either about His Holiness Dalai lama or his pictures and do general consult with your trip organizer agencies about the rules & regulation of Chinese government.

Tibet, at a majestic height of 4,900 lies to the north-east of the Himalayas and towers high above the rest of Asia. In the last few years we have take hundreds of foreigners to this hidden land, and changed their perception of Tibet as a remote and forbidden land.