Safety and Security


The entire traveler from the world knows that Nepal is the best destination for trekking but is it safe to travel to Nepal?

Off-course, Nepal is a safe country to trek provided the basic rules are explored. When the trekking is being arranged by a reputed trekking agency, most of the contingencies will be handled by its staff. But when trekking alone, you may not have anyone to turn to for help. The possibilities of mobile phone and internet service are extremely limited in remote areas. Therefore, trekkers should either hire a good trekking agency or hire reliable guides if trekking in smaller groups.
The best way to evade risk will trek is by planning, playing by the rules, and realizing human limitations. In the case of misfortune, a detailed message should be dispatched to a reliable organization or individual immediately for the rescue operation. If communication facilities are unavailable, the normal first aid principle should be allowed till help arrives in your destination.

Some of the safety rules to abide by are:

1) Do not trek alone.
2) Do not display your cash or expensive items.
3) Keep belongings secure and within sight.
4) Make arrangements for handling emergency situations beforehand.
5) Register personal information and trekking plan details with the respective embassies.
6) By a travel insurance policy that covers helicopter rescue costs. Leave a copy of the details with the
agency in Kathmandu.
7) Choose only authorized government-registered trekking agencies, guides, and porters.