Annapurna Base Camp vs Everest Base Camp Trek

By Glorious Himalaya on May 15, 2019 in Trekking

Choosing Nepal for your next adventure trekking holiday is a fairly easy decision to make. However, trekkers often find it tricky to decide which place to trek inside Nepal.

Since Annapurna and Everest base camp treks are the most popular trekking routes in Nepal among the others and both treks have their own charms, it is hard to go ahead and start comparing the Annapurna with Everest Base Camp trek.

This the most common queries among trekking enthusiasts. With our years of knowledge and experience, we ought to provide you guidance to find your best fit. There are many factors to consider while weighing Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) and Everest Base Camp (EBC) if you are thinking of choosing only one trek then this article will definitely help you at the end.

So let us look at the details of these two treks in detail.

Both treks start from the ancient city of Kathmandu. A 35-minute flight to Lukla will take you to the gateway of Everest, which offers a glorious view of the mighty eastern Himalayas.

However, you can also drive 8 hours from Kathmandu to Shivalaya that follows the original route of Jiri used by the early explorers of Everest, which is a 7 days long trip.

Annapurna, on the other hand, also gives you an opportunity to capture a wide view of the Himalayas in the western region if you wish a 25-minute flight to Pokhara. Or else, you can also take a seven hours’ drive to Pokhara.

If you’re planning a trip its key to understand how the weather changes rapidly in each part of the Himalayas and is harder to predict. Common flight delays can be expected when the weather condition is not good.


As Everest is known for its soaring heights, EBC will take you up to 5380 meters above sea level. You will be standing beneath the highest Mountain and get a chance to view giant mountains every day. Trekking in Everest region will be in the higher altitudes and will last slightly longer as you need to spend some time for acclimatization before heading for the base camp. Places in Everest region are higher and the hiking period is also longer than of Annapurna Base Camp. 

Although Annapurna Base camp nestles 1000 meters below the EBC, the maximum elevation of Annapurna Base Camp still reaches up to 4130 meters. Comparatively, ABC is a low altitude trek with short period hiking that offers an exciting glance of rhododendrons and glorious panoramic view of the Annapurna range.


Both regions carry their own unique cultural aspects and essence. Everest region is fully occupied by the Sherpa’s and monasteries. On your trek to Everest Base Camp, you will entirely come across the several villages full of Sherpa’s who practice Tibetan Buddhism. You will get to visit the famous Tengboche Monastery and many other monasteries.

Whilst, Annapurna region is inhabited by several ethnic groups of people. The region is a blend of Gurung, Thakali and Manange People, and their own unique cultures. You will get to encounter villages that are a mixture of people across various faiths such as Hinduism and Buddhism.


There are several factors that come to play while determining the cost of both treks such as the cost of gears, transportation, food and accommodation, guides and porters. The gears to be used for both treks will be the same. Therefore, the cost of gear is identical.

Everest has a bigger brand name. You will spend more days acclimatizing, and also being in higher elevation, the difficulty in the transport of goods to high altitudes in tea houses will cost more for accommodation and food than ABC.

The flight ticket adds extra cost during your EBC trek. However, traveling by Jiri will also cost you a number of days.

For the budget traveler’s Annapurna Base Camp might be a better option.

Final Words 

If you prefer budget friendly low altitude trek with short hiking distances and seek cultural diversity, you will get a chance to witness Ethnic Gurung culture, Thakali culture and the culture of Manange People during your Annapurna Base Camp trek. 

Or, if you wish to see giant mountains every day with longer hiking distances, and want to explore and become familiar with the enticing Sherpa culture of Khumbu region, or want the experience of the feeling of standing on the lap of the highest place, then Everest Base Camp is the best fit for you.

No matter what, any trip to Nepal will be the life-long experience in so many ways. Both treks can be customized and designed along with your preferences.

So which amazing trek you want to be a part of in your next adventure?

Annapurna Base Camp || Everest Base Camp 




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