Exploring The Spiritual Significance of the himalayas

By Glorious Himalaya on February 15, 2018 in Trekking

For the Nepalese, Himalaya is not merely the “Abode of Snow” but also the abode of Gods and Goddesses. Long before the Himalayas were even mapped and measured, its spiritual immensity was well known. While the Himalayas are most pronounced in Hindi scriptures, mountains have been a source of inspiration and revelation in a number of other religions as well. In Judaism, Moses received the 10 Commandments at Mount Sinai. In Christianity, Jesus preached his sermon on the same mount. In Islam, Prophet Mohammed received his first revelation of the Koran in the Rare Hara Mountain. It is in light of all of this that the spiritual significance of the Himalayas must be understood.

Since the first successful ascent of Mount Everest, 68 years ago this May 29, 2021, the Himalayas have become a lot more accessible to hikers. . Whether visiting the commanding mountain range purely out of curiosity or as part of a journey to spiritual awakening and self-discovery, the mountains are bound to enrich your life in one way or another. The mountains and the areas surrounding it offer individuals seeking spiritual and psychic accomplishment endless options in terms of spaces for meditation of which two, in particular, stand out.


The spiritual and psychic atmosphere in this Himalayan destination is revitalizing and has the ability to bring one close to Moksha (the attainment of salvation). Located in the Himalayan foothills, Rishikesh is one of the most frequently-visited Hindi pilgrimages with countless retreat centers and ashrams scattered across the city. Rishikesh is the perfect destination for learning and practicing meditation. Whether one opts for the banks of the holy Ganges River or the nearby serene forests in the surrounding Himalayas, the city is enriched with plentiful opportunities for sound meditation. Known as the International Capital of Yoga and Meditation, Rishikesh is home to a number of spiritual treasures that are frequented by travelers from all around the globe. It is also believed that transcendental meditation can be thought of by the Ganga Ghats where the famous prayer songs known as Arati which is performed every morning and evening.

Vashistha Cave

The Vashistha Cave is an ancient cave where Sage Vashistha used to engage in meditation. Vashistha was the Manas Putra (human son) of Lord Brahma and one of the seven great sages. The cave is located a mere 25 KM from Rishikesh and is very popular amongst visitors looking for deep meditation. According to Hindu mythology, Sage Vashistha decided to commit suicide in the Ganga River after the death of all his children but the Goddess Ganga would not allow it. Sage Vashistha then medicated for a long time in a cave and after a while, a small ashram was developed near it. Swami Purshottamanand decided to maintain this ashram and cave in 1930 and today it is still managed by the Swami Purshottamanand society.

The 4,000 KM Himalayan crescent stretches from Kyrgyzstan to Burma and boasts intricate geography of high mountains, deep gorges, wild forests, and rolling plateaus, some of the greatest biodiversity on the planet. Paired with the added appeal of a long history of spirituality, the Himalayas are a must-visit destination for everyone seeking spiritual fulfillment in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. 



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