Kathmandu To Langtang Trek

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One of the very popular and nearest treks that you can enjoy is the Kathmandu to Langtang Trek. Langtang Valley is often considered the hidden gem among trekking destinations in Nepal. It is also one of the shortest treks in Nepal, and it is completed in either 7 to 8 days. Despite being among the short treks, you will get the best mountainous adventure experience in the trek. 

To begin your trek, you will first be in Kathmandu. Kathmandu is the primary tourist hub of Nepal mainly because it is the country’s capital and the largest city. Furthermore, Kathmandu is also the city with the international airport, meaning every trekker and tourist first lands here before heading to their respective destinations.

Langtang or Langtang Valley, on the other hand, is a peaceful valley in the northeastern area. It has recently become a prime tourist destination, and many trekkers and tourists visit there every month. However, it is still peaceful and calm compared to the bustling streets of Kathmandu. Kathmandu to Langtang has become one of the major tourist attractions simply because they are closer to each other. The expedition is short, but it still provides all the thrills in the Himalayan mountains.

Highlights Of Kathmandu To Langtang Trek

  • It is a mesmerizing drive from Kathmandu to Langtang alongside the Trishuli River.
  • Explore Langtang National Park and see the endangered animals and rare floras.
  • Majestic views of the mountains like Langtang Lirung, Helambu, and Ganesh Himal.
  • Reach the small but beautiful Langtang village in this short Langtang Valley Trek.
  • Explore around Kyanjin Gompa monastery and climb Kyanjin Ri.
  • Don’t forget to explore the stunning Gosaikunda Valley and Gosakinda lakes.
Langtang valley trek

How to reach Langtang From Kathmandu

The first part of the Kathmandu to Langtang trek is to reach Langtang from Kathmandu. First, you must reach Suabrubesi from Kathmandu, and there are a few ways to get there. You can take public buses, hire tourist buses, microbuses, taxis, shared jeeps, and private jeeps. Taking the public bus is cheaper, but you won’t get the flexibility or independence to take photos. So, if you want some flexibility and want to reach Syabrubesi on your own accord, then taking a private jeep or car is the best way.

It takes about 7-8 hours to reach Syabrubesi from Kathmandu if you don’t encounter any traffic jams. The route goes like this: Balaju – Nagarjun – Okharpauwa – Kakani – Ranipauwa – Belkot – Pipaltar – Bidur – Trishuli Bajar – Bhainse – Betrawati – Kalikasthan – Ramche (You enter Langtang National Park here) – Thade – Dhunche – Thulo Barkhu – Syabrubesi.

This is the most common route to your destination, while there are two alternative routes, and they are Kathmandu- Tokha- Bidur- Betrawati- Dhunche – Syabrubesi and Kathmandu – Galchhi – Betrawati –   Dhunche – Syabrubesi.

However, if you use private transportation, you can reach it within five to six hours.

Langtang Trek Itinerary

DayItineraryAltitude (m)Distance (approx.)
1Arrival in Kathmandu1400
2Drive Kathmandu to Syabrubesi15507 hrs drive
3Trek to Lama Hotel25006-7 hrs trek
4Trek to Langtang Village34306-7 hrs trek
5Trek to Kyanjing Gompa38702-3 hrs trek
6Kyanjin Gompa exploration
(Teserko Ri – 5000m OR Kyanjin Ri – 4700m)
7Trek back to Lama Hotel25007 hrs trek
8Trek to Syabrubesi15506 hrs trek
9Drive back to Kathmandu14007 hrs drive
10Farewell from Nepal

Transportation Option from Kathmandu to Langtang

Traveling by Local Bus

The local bus is the most common and cheaper way to reach Langtang Valley. You can board the bus from the Machhapokhari bus stop. The passengers on the public bus are packed like fish, and you might not even get a seat sometimes as you have to stand up for the entire bus. The bus is often stopped for passengers to board and let go so that it will be packed throughout the trek.

In some cases, you will find many packages, baggage, and luggage inside the bus and passengers sitting at the top of the bus. There will be lots of noise of tiny babies or just passengers talking to each other with music from the bus’s radio. Since the bus often stops in every town and village, it might take at least nine hours to reach Syabrubesi.

Traveling by Express Bus

One alternative to the local bus is by taking the express bus. You can get to Syabrubesi faster by taking an express bus. Express buses don’t stop at every village, so they take 1 or 2 hours less than regular local buses. The buses’ roof racks and aisles are filled with goods heading to Dhunche and Syabrubesi. The express bus is a bit more expensive than the local one, but most trips are similar. You will get more privacy on the express bus, and you will reach Syabrubesi faster as well.

Traveling By Jeep

Another alternative to reach Syabrubesi from Kathmandu is the Jeep. You can share a jeep ride, particularly a TATA Sumo, which is the quickest way to travel compared to buses.  Jeep will still be affected by traffic and road conditions, but they will still be faster than public or express buses. Traveling by jeep is expensive, but the journey is far easier than public buses.

Traveling Privately

Traveling privately from Kathmandu to the Langtang region is the quickest way, as it might only take five to six hours. However, it is costly compared to other modes of transport. The cost is about $150 to $200 for one-way travel and around $400 for two-way travel.

Trekking Routes

Kathmandu to Langtang is a short seven to eight-day trek, and there is one major trekking route that every trekker often takes. On the first day of the trek, you will reach Syabrubesi, from where your trek begins, and on the forward day, you will be trekking through the popular routes till you reach your destination.

The second day of the trek route takes you to the side of the Trishuli River. You will trek the roads for about six to seven hours before reaching Lama Hotel, where you will stay overnight. The next day, the routes become more difficult as the steep climbing starts the more you wonder close to the Langtang Valley. Today’s destination is Langtang Village, which you will reach in the evening.

langtang valley trek route

The next day is all about the trek in the Langtang Valley. If you visit the trek in the Spring, you will be welcomed by the flowering trails blossoming with rhododendrons, and in Autumn, the pine and fur forests cover the track. You will first visit the calming Kyanjin Gompa and see the place for meditation. You can rest overnight and see the Kyanjin Ri early in the morning, the highest elevation in Langtang. 

You will see more attractions along the trekking route, such as the old cheese factory, Tserko Ri, and the Langtang Glaciers. You can add a few side treks in the Langtang trek and visit the amazing Gokyo Valley and Lakes.

Overall, the trek route from Kathmandu to Langtang is simple but mainly fun. There are several places where you will stop and take photos. You will love the true natural beauty of the valley and the surrounding ecosystems.

Trek Difficulty

In terms of difficulty, Langtang Trek is not considered very difficult; it ranges from easy to moderate. However, there are still certain factors of difficulty that you must pay attention to. Here are a few factors that might make your Langtang Valley Trek 

Altitude Sickness

One Major factor that raises the difficulty of the Langtang trek is altitude sickness. During your trek, you will reach an altitude of over 4000m, and the risk of altitude sickness is a bit high. The symptoms of altitude sickness start appearing after strolling at a high altitude for several days. Keep listening to your body during your trek so that once you feel the symptoms, you can immediately take the medication and lower the altitude until you recover.

Dynamic Weather

The dynamic weather is another factor that raises the trek’s difficulty at high altitudes. The sudden changes in the weather, from sunny days to rainfall, to hailstorms to snowfall, will ruin your plans and your trekking routes. So, choosing the ideal trekking season for high altitudes is wise, as the weather is usually stable.

Distance and Duration

Although the Langtang Valley trek is among the short treks in Nepal, it still has to trek for five days in unfavorable conditions. During those five days of trek, you will still have to trek for six to seven hours straight, which will take a toll on your body. So even for short treks like Langtang, engaging yourself in physical activities and keeping your physical stamina healthy is better.

Best Season for Traveling from Kathmandu to Langtang

Langtang Trek is one of the fun and least challenging treks, but combining it with the ideal season makes it even more fun and less demanding. In Nepal, for every trek, if you want to determine the best season to trek, you will get two peak seasons. Let’s get into them.


Spring is the season of colors, flowers, joys, and fun. Hence, it is also perfect for trekking the hidden gem of the Langtang region. Spring begins in March and ends in May. The initial days of March are still a bit chilly due to the winter season before, but as the days progress, the sun starts shining, and the temperature rises in a day. The weather and climate are perfect for trekking as they remain primarily stable even at higher altitudes. During Spring, the trails are covered with flowers, and the views of the skies and mountains are clear. 


Autumn is another peak season for trekking the Langtang Valley trek. It begins in September and ends in November. The early part of September receives decent rainfall as it is the post-monsoon season, but the rainfall stops at the end of September. October is the perfect month for trekking in high-altitude valleys, and some even consider it even better than the months of the spring season.


Hence, the Kathmandu to Langtang trek has recently become more common in Nepal, apart from more commercial treks like Everest and Annapurna Region. Furthermore, the Langtang trek is also closer to the capital and is considered Nepal’s hidden gem in trekking. 

So, if you have not made up your mind, still we recommend you give it a try. Even if you are a beginner, the Langtang trek is a short trek perfectly curated for beginners. Despite being on a short trek, you must be well prepared by hiring guides, increasing your physical fitness, and paying attention to proper acclimatization. It would be best if you also chose the 


How do I get from Kathmandu to Langtang?

You have four modes of transportation to reach Langtang from Kathmandu. The options are public bus, private bus, jeep, and private transport. Among these modes, the public bus is the cheapest but less flexible, while private transport is expensive but more flexible.

How long is the Langtang Trek from Kathmandu?

The Langtang Trek duration from Kathmandu is among the shortest treks in Nepal, as you only need 5 to 7 days to finish the trek.

Which permits do you need for the Langtang trek?

You need at least one permit, the Langtang National Park entry permit, whereas the TIMS card is optional.

Can you see Everest from Langtang?

Sometimes, on a clear day, you will see the southern side of Everest during your trek through the Langtang region.

Is the Langtang trek crowded?

Langtang Trek is less crowded than the popular treks like Everest or Annapurna Base Camp Trek.


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