Photography Tips for Capturing the Beauty of the Manaslu Circuit Trek

By Glorious Himalaya on March 3, 2024 in Trekking

Manaslu Circuit Trek is primarily famous for its adventure, thrill, and stunning beauty of the mountains and surrounding area. It is a haven for trekkers and photographers who want to capture gorgeous photos of the mountains, valleys, and villages around the circuit that you will pass by during your trek. In this guide, we have collected some photography tips for capturing the beauty of the Manaslu trek.

Manaslu Circuit is situated in the lap of the majestic Himalayas among stunning landscapes, which gives the trekkers the fantastic opportunity to capture some breathtaking photos. Whether you are trekking in a barren landscape at a lower altitude, vibrant valleys during your trek, or when you reach the peak of the snowy mountains, there are moments and places for stunning photography.

You don’t have to be a highly experienced or professional photographer to click some majestic photos on this trek, so don’t waste your chance. You will not need any creativity or motivation to pack your camera out from your bag and start clicking, and we are sure at least one of them will be viable for your Instagram or your catalog. However, if you are still uncertain and looking for some photography tips during your Manaslu circuit trek, we are here. So let’s get started.

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Top Photography Tips for Capturing the Beauty of the Manaslu Circuit Trek

1. Plan and Prepare:

Planning and preparing before going on your Manaslu Circuit trek is crucial. You must first research the route and familiarize yourself with the terrain. There are several points of interest and stops where you can take excellent photos. However, some factors like haziness, humidity, weather, rainfall, thunder lighting, etc., must be considered while planning the photography. So it would be best if you always prepared for some unforeseen circumstances. You must also pack all the necessary items for photography, like a sturdy camera, tripods, lenses, memory cards, batteries, and a cleaning kit. Always keep your camera in protective gear so you don’t break it during the trek in the rough terrains.

2. Capture the Golden Hours:

Generally, photographers like to seize the moments of golden hours for photography. In photography, golden hours means the time of sunrise and sunset, at which point the sun remains golden. During these times of day, the sun’s light casts hues across the mountains, creating beautiful contrasts and shadows in the region. At such times, photographers don’t have to adjust their cameras or apply unnecessary filters, making your photo natural and beautiful. Especially in the evening, if you stay out till dusk, the stunning colors of sunset reflect on the nearest ponds and skies, making the photos look breathtaking. You can also experiment with different filters, colors, or hues while clicking pictures at sunrise or sunset.

3. Embrace the Elements:

Photography may seem like an easy task. However, different factors make clicking photos complex and unpredictable. While trekking at a higher altitude, the temperature, rainfall, and wind can make photography difficult. However, you can also embrace the elements and use them to your advantage in your photography. You can also experiment with all the exposures to capture the stunning waterfall, mists, and moving clouds. Sometimes, sunshine is brighter, which might have a glaring effect on photographs, so enhance the polarizing effect on your camera. Different weather elements, like rain, dust, and snow, can damage your camera, so keep it safe from them.

4. Focus on Composition:

Composition is necessary to make your photography look visually striking and compelling, which captures the essence of the Manaslu Circuit trek. You can experiment with different composition techniques, such as the rule of thirds, perspective, frame, and other types of composition engagement. This composition will attract viewers to every detail of your photos. During your trek, you will come across different unusual components you can use in your photos, like trees, streams, waterfalls, chortens, and mani walls. To add details and depth to the images. It would be best if you were not afraid to experiment with viewpoints, angles, and all perspectives and click all types of pictures before you get that perfect one.

5. Capture Local Life and Culture:

Local women in Manaslu region Nepal

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is not only a paradise for trekkers but also for photographers. This trek will give you a fantastic opportunity to capture the culture and traditions of the local people. The people in the Manaslu Circuit Trek are friendly and live in peace and harmony. They don’t mind you clicking photos, but be sure to ask them before clicking and respect their privacy. You can take pictures of local temples, monasteries, villagers, and monks and highlight their festivals, dances, songs, prayers, etc in your photos. There are different photography possibilities during your Manaslu Circuit Trek, so take advantage of them.

6. Experiment with Perspectives:

Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with different perspectives and angles to capture unique and memorable photographs on the Manaslu Circuit trek. Get down low to the ground to capture the intricate details of wildflowers, rocks, and moss-covered paths, or climb to a high vantage point to capture sweeping panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Look for exciting reflections in lakes, rivers, and streams, or experiment with silhouette photography against a colorful sunset or sunrise. By thinking outside the box and pushing the boundaries of traditional photography, you’ll create images that stand out and leave a lasting impression on viewers.


The Manaslu region is a vast region of natural beauty with various opportunities for photography. The majestic landscapes, villages, monasteries, temples, rivers, streams, and waterfalls allow you to take different types of stunning photos. Some professional photographers are there. You don’t need any advice for photography, but for some beginners, we have listed tips that will help you take amazing photos.

So don’t hesitate to make some mistakes during your photographic adventure, but also make sure you keep your camera protected and safe and continue clicking mesmerizing photos that will last with you in your memory.


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