Relief Distribution for Earthquake Victims

By Glorious Himalaya on July 7, 2015 in News

The horrifying earthquake destroyed Nepal’s historical and cultural monuments with approximately 5, 00,000 houses damaged all over Nepal and over 8000 people lost their lives; 16, 000 peoples were injured.

Nothing is permanent in this world. Nothing exists permanently. The massive earthquake hit Nepal and brought great chaos in the life of people and all over the country. We were surely saddened but we knew how to overcome the consequences. It is for sure that tears were flowing continuously from our eyes but we didn’t let that tear wipe away our strength and unity to reunite our country. We all jointly worked to build our country. As we say united we stand, we were united to stand. So with the feelings of helping our Nepalese people, we also ran a relief campaign. More or lesser we did what we can.

Jyamrung VDC of Dhading district was our focus point which was mostly an earthquake-affected area and touched with epicenter Barpak. We collected the fund, brought necessary items, and certainly handed it over to the victims of the village which could aid them as a temporary. We distributed a sack of rice per house, mineral waters, tents, tarpaulins, salt, cooking oil, sanitary pad for women, and some medicines. Following were the dates when we ran our campaigns:

10th May, 2015:It was the first phase of our campaign. On this date, we distributed a sack of rice per house for 40 houses. In addition to rice, we distributed pulse 1 kg per house, tents, salt, medicines, sanitary pad, and drinking water.

24th May 2015: On this day, we built four temporary houses for the people who were poor and also did not have any income sources. Since we had a little budget, we only focused on those who were financially weak. We used zinc plates to make the house and used the local manpower to build the house paying certain wages.

1st June 2015: on this day we distributed a sack of rice per house for 50 houses, one liter of cooking oil per house, vegetables, and mattresses.

Glorious Himalaya Trekking Team heartily thank all those who directly or indirectly helped us run our campaign successfully. We highly appreciate your help in this hard time. It is really a great help to Nepal and Nepalese people.

Thank you, everyone.

Relief package distribution by Glorious Himalaya Team: 10th May, 2015
Relief package distribution by Glorious Himalaya Team: 10th May 2015
Temporary Shelter build by Glorious Himalaya Team: 24th May 2015
Temporary Shelter build by Glorious Himalaya Team: 24th May 2015
Relief distribution in Jyamrung Village, !st June 2015



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