Saka Dawa Festival – Tibet

By Glorious Himalaya on February 1, 2015 in Festival

Tibet is the most isolated and beautiful rooftop travel destination in the world. That’s why; it is becoming the dream destination for many travelers around the world. It has its own opulence of culture, tradition, and natural beauty. Buddhism was introduced in the world 1300 years before by Guru Rinpoche. So, Tibetan celebrates many religious Buddhist festivals in a year. New Year Festival (Losar), Saka Dawa, Lantern Festival, Monlam Prayer Festival, Hanging of the Thangka, Sho Dun Festival and many more are the most famous festival celebrate in Tibet. Among them, Saka Dawa is one of the most important religious festivals of Tibetan Buddhists celebrated in the month of May. This festival signified to all the followers of Lord Buddha from the world as all three stages of his life are witnessed in the period known as Saka Dawa. On this day, a mass of Tibetan monks, locals, and tourists are gathering at the town’s main monastery to celebrate the festival.

Saka Dawa is said to be one of the most important festivals of Buddhism. It is celebrated on the 15th day of the 4th lunar month. It begins with the morning prayers followed by a series of activities oath-taking of the eight Mahayana precepts which teaches us not to kill any living being, not to steal, and not to tell lie.
This festival has a great significance for the follower of Lord Buddha, Saka Dawa is the period in which all the three stages of his life are witnessed.
The statement given by one of the Tibetan Buddhists states that This has a great implication for Tibetan Buddhism since it is connected with Gautama Buddha’s life. The fourth month of the calendar year reflects the death of mahatma Buddha, the enlightenment, and finally the attainment of nirvana. It is celebrated in very grant manner devotees lit lamps, candles, and incense sticks before Lord Buddha’s statue, not only that but they perform a religious act by distributing food to the hungry people.
People also donate some portion of their wealth to the needy people, it is believed that good deed in this month is pleased 300 folds.


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