Great experience for EBC trekking

By Glorious Himalaya on October 13, 2018 in

We had great experience with Glorious Himalayan Trekking to the Everest base camp. Well organized by Ganesh, guided by Dak Man.

The agency provided us with water proof duffel bag, sleeping bag and trekking poles, which made the packing alot easier to us especially when we planned to visit other places after trekking the EBC. And the sleeping bag is a must if you trek in Oct.and Nov. They also helped us with our luggage transfer in Kathmandu (the stuff we left in Kathmandu which we don’t need for the trekking) while we were trekking in the mountains. Ganesh has a lot of experience on the trekking in the region, he knows which flight has the best chance to get in and out of Lukla, so that we had good experience with our flights, especially when we heard about other passenger’s stucked for couple of days at the airport.

Our guide is very flexible and friendly, trekking pace is good, he monitors our oxygen level as we go up, led us to reached Everest base camp successfully.

Thank you very much and I highly recommend to choose Glorious Himalayan Trekking to everyone.


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