A journey to Remember

By Glorious Himalaya on August 13, 2023 in

We embarked on this renowned Everest base camp journey with our 3 friends from Australia.

From soaring atop enormous peaks to lowlands through the untamed Dudhkosi River, every moment was a rush of adrenaline. The crisp mountain air and the allure of the unknown awakened our senses. Scaling rocky cliffs tested our limits and redefined courage. Navigating dense jungles brought an intimate encounter with nature’s raw beauty. Though it was a challenging trip, each twist and turn carved unforgettable memories. This adventure journey redefined our boundaries, making us a storyteller of daring escapades and a seeker of life’s uncharted thrills.

Thanks to the entire team of Glorious Himalaya for such an epic journey. We are planning to do Everest 3 high passes trek in the near future with you guys.

Have a great adventure.

Visited date: May 2023


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