Kanchenjunga North and South Base Camps – October and November 2019

By Last Door on November 2, 2019 in

We chose the Kanchenjunga North and South Base Camps trip because we liked the idea of trekking for 21 days through one of the most remote regions in Nepal. We also wanted to challenge ourselves with the difficulty of the terrain and trekking at elevations over 10,000 feet (3,000 meters) for more than a week. The ultimate goal, though, was to experience the Himalayan foothills and get so close to the massive peaks, glaciers, and landscape of northeastern Nepal. We got all that and more. Eating our daily meals and sleeping at the small teahouses along the way brought us into contact with local Nepal people, many of whom were members of the Rai, Limbu, Sherpa, and other ethnic groups. Looking back, we believe that a long trek, such as Kanchenjunga Base Camps, was the best way to take in so many meaningful experiences in a 3-week period of time. The trekking was physically challenging, but we never felt we couldn’t do it. Glorious Himalaya Trekking did a great job arranging all the important details of the trip in country. Though our guide did not speak English very well, we were able to communicate and he looked after our needs. We could not have enjoyed the adventure without the help of our porter, who helped ease the load, especially at the highest elevations. Trip Advisor restricts your reviews to 1,500 characters, so I’ve added additional comments elsewhere.


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