Nepal 3 High Passes Trek

By Glorious Himalaya on June 23, 2023 in

When we learned that unguided hiking will be prohibited starting in April 2023, we made a last-minute booking with Glorious Himalaya. All of our transport to and from the start of the journey was managed for us, which was fantastic. The company was able to manage all our local lodges’ accommodations for the trek even though we confirm our trek at the last minute. Our guide, Ur Ghale, did a fantastic job of making sure we were comfortable, moving at our own speed, allowing us to enjoy what we wanted, and providing us with the freedom we needed.

He was really helpful and continuously checked out for our safety. When the effects of the altitude were too difficult to handle, he was only helpful. He didn’t speak much English, but after a few days of being together, we figured out how to communicate quite efficiently and had absolutely no trouble. The owner, Ganesh, was really interested in planning the trip and was always accommodating, which was fantastic to have.

It was truly an amazing experience at all.


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