Remarkable Everest Base Camp Trek with Glorious Himalaya team

By Glorious Himalaya on May 25, 2022 in

What a great adventure in Nepal with the Glorious Himalaya trekking team. I’m pleased to share my Everest Base Camp Trek experiences with you all here.

2 months in advance before I landed Nepal, I booked 12 Days of Everest base camp treks with this agency and they prepared all the things precisely. Though our flight to Lukla was delayed due to the bad weather which was beyond their control but the trek was awesome. My guide Bodhi was a very honest and professional guide. He knows very well how to deal with mountain altitudes. He took care of me throughout the trek.

And the most important fact is that Mr. Ganesh, owner of this company was in contact with me through WhatsApp even though I was in the mountain region and taking all the updates of my guide and mine which is the most important thing while you are traveling in the remote region.

At last, my trip to mount Everest base camp was a remarkable journey. I would like to thank to the entire team of GHT who assisted me throughout my Nepal stay.
Recommend this company and its guides for your Nepal holiday.


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