Wonderful trekking with Glorious Himalaya!

By Glorious Himalaya on August 13, 2023 in
We spent the last two weeks in May hiking with Glorious Himalaya and our wonderful guide Buddhi. From the time we arrived in Kathmandu to the middle of the night when we flew home, they took care of all of our needs.

Our guide Buddhi was excellent and managed our tour throughout the trek, making minor adjustments as we went based on our wants and needs.
His pace was perfect for our group and as we hiked up the trails, we were sometimes passed by others, but we always ended up re-passing or catching up when the other teams couldn’t maintain their pace.All 10 of our team members completed the trek up to EBC and all the way back to Lukla which is a direct testament to Buddhism’s careful pacing and acclimation along the way.Thank you to Buddhi and Ganesh for an excellent tour in Nepal. We highly recommend Glorious Himalaya!Visited date: May 2023.


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