Top 10 Nepalese Foods You Must Try for a Culinary Adventure

By Glorious Himalaya on September 27, 2023 in Travel Tips, Trekking

Nepal is a diversified country, and its culinary dishes reflect this diversity. If you are looking for an adventure for yourself and your taste buds, we have compiled the top 10 Nepalese foods you must try during your Nepal trek.

Nepalese food is a mixture of different flavors and spices. When trekkers from worldwide visit Nepal and indulge in the local Nepalese dishes, they become fond of them, and in return, these dishes become popular in foreign countries. There are many examples of Nepalese cuisines that the trekkers love during their trek.

These dishes are delicious, from the average Dal, Bhat, and Lentils to Pickles, Aalu Taama, and Dhindo. Furthermore, they are far healthier than Western dishes that usually include meat. During treks at high altitudes, meat is not the food that people recommend.

So, if you plan to trek in Nepal, you might also need to look out for a culinary adventure. Look at ten popular Nepalese foods you must try during your trek.

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Top 10 Nepalese Foods You Must Try


Momo in Nepal

Many people believe Momo is a Western dish. However, it is a traditional Nepalese dish that has recently become popular. It is one of the most common lunchtime foods all over Nepal. Due to its popularity, the hotels and lodges in Nepal prepare Momo for lunch and dinner during your trek.

Dal Bhat

Dal Bhat in Nepal

Dal Bhat is Nepal’s national dish. It comprises rice, lentils, curry, and pickles. Over 90% of Nepalese eat Dal Bhat during lunch and dinner. This dish is the primary energy source for the day. The preparation and taste of Dal Bhat are different for each household. Some households also use peas instead of lentils to taste the rice differently. Other mixes of vegetables are used with rice, and a few hotels and tea houses also serve it with meats.

Sel Roti

Sel roti in Nepal

Sel Roti is another delicious sweet dish in Nepal. It is usually served in every household kitchen during festivals or marriage ceremonies. Although Sel Roti is delicious, preparing it is not that easy. It would be best if you got some practice before making a perfect circle. The process is simple: create a batter from flour, sugar, water, and spices. The dough is circled like a ring and then fried in hot oil, making it crusty, but the batter inside tastes sweet due to sugar.


Gundruk achar in Nepal

Ghundurk is one of the most popular green vegetables in Nepal. It is trendy in villages, especially in remote settlements; however, families in the city area also occasionally enjoy Ghundruk. It is prepared by fermenting Saag, the green leaf vegetable. The leaves are collected, dried in the sun, and then chopped into small pieces to cook. Ghundurk is often served with potato, soybean, or other spices. Nepalese people love the sour taste of vegetables, often served alongside rice or Dhindo.

Newari Cuisine

newari food in Nepal

Newari Cuisine is a delicious dish in Nepal and is primarily popular among the Newari community. There are several vegetarian and non-vegetarian Newari dishes that you will enjoy. The fantastic taste will last a long time in your taste buds and memory. Some popular Newari dishes are Bara, Yomari, Samaya Baji, Newari Khaja Set, etc.


Veg Thukpa in Nepal

Thukpa is a viral noodle soup in the Himalayas in Nepal. This dish is typical in cold regions where people enjoy it during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can make a variety of Thukpa, which has meats or vegetables and many spices. Since Thukpa is made to keep your body warm, generally, they are extremely hot and spicy, which raises the temperature in your body and keeps it warm in the mountains.

Yak Meat

Yak Sukuti

Yak meat is an exclusive dish in Nepal’s upper altitudes and is particularly popular in the Manang and Mustang districts. Many hotels and teahouses serve it with rice, roti, etc. Yak meat is also used in various dishes, such as burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, Momos, curries, and stews.


Dhindo meal in Nepal

Dhido is a traditional Nepali staple made from buckwheat or millet flour. It’s prepared by mixing the flour with hot water and then kneading it into a dense, dough-like consistency. Dhido is often served with side dishes like pickles, lentil soups, and greens. Its distinct taste and texture add diversity to the Nepalese dining experience.


Chicke Sekuwa in Nepal

Sekuwa is a beloved street food in Nepal. It consists of skewered and grilled meat, often marinated in a flavorful mixture of spices, yogurt, and mustard oil. You can find a variety of meats like chicken, mutton, or buffalo prepared as sekuwa. It’s a mouthwatering treat perfect for those who enjoy barbecued delights.

Aloo Tama

Aalu Tama curry in nepal

Aloo Tama is a unique, spicy curry popular among Nepalese households. It is made from Potatoes and Bamboo shoots and is mainly loved for its delicious sour taste. Aloo Tama is extremely popular in the hilly and mountainous areas of Nepal. The local people prepare it with various spices and mustard oil.


Hence, these are the top 10 Nepalese foods you can enjoy during your trek or tour of Nepal. Nepalese dishes are incredibly delicious, and there are different varieties, from sweets to sour to even some bitter taste, often mixed with other dishes. You can also enjoy the culinary adventure during your trek’s physical adventure.

Nepali cuisine has a diverse and rich heritage, inspired over the years by several ethnic backgrounds. Due to diversity, every special dish offers unique tastes and textures. From plain Dal and Bhat curry to Dhindho and Ghundruk to spicy Thukpa, a unique taste of each food provides a memorable moment.


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