Namche Bazaar: The Major Hub of Everest & Khumbu Region

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‘The semi-modern Himalayan Shangri-La the gateway to Everest’

Namche Bazaar is the famous tourist hub and a better place for the acclimatization of all the Everest region treks including Everest Base Camp. It was a historic trading center with Tibet in China as well. It is the hometown of legendary Sherpas who write books on the history of mountaineering.

One of the most fascinating large settlements around the Himalayas, almost a size of a town. Namche Bazaar with about 400 houses for nearly 1,700 people, the houses serves as a lodge, hotels, and resorts. Namche Bazaar is the main hub and capital of Khumbu, where travelers feel homely comfort.

Due to its warm traditional hospitality of the native Sherpa, interwoven with Buddhism heritage and colorful cultures. Namche Bazaar, a semi-modern Himalayan Shangri-La, situated in Nepal North Mid-East approx. 152 k.m. as the crow flies distance from Kathmandu. Thousands of trekkers and mountaineers visit every season of the year on their way to their respective destinations.

The best place for a rest day and a perfect altitude to support acclimatization in the comfort of nice lovely lodges. At Namche Bazaar, visitors can enjoy all kinds of leisure activities or just relax overlooking the grand views of Kongde-Ri peaks.

Gateway to Everest

Trekkers can also experience the weekly colorful and busy Saturday market, hence it is called Namche Bazaar. The old traditional market existed for hundreds of years before tourism entered the Khumbu region. At one time Namche Bazaar was the major Trans Himalaya Trading point for Sherpa and Tibetans across the border. Caravan of Yaks and horse laden with Tibetan and Chinese goods made their way to Namche Bazaar for trade and bartering.

The flow of Tibetan traders has slowed down over the past decades, but the influx of foreign tourists has increased. After the conquest of Mt. Everest by the late Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Edmund Hillary on May 29th, 1953.

Probably Namche Bazaar is one of the world’s most amazing Himalayan towns, where travelers can find most of the facilities. From well stock stores and shops, fancy restaurants, fresh bakeries, café, and pubs for nightlife in Namche Bazaar.

The Himalayan town also offers banks, post-office and ATMs with excellent hotels, and resorts in the serene harmony of picturesque surroundings.

At Namche Bazaar visit the Sagarmatha national park museum and a scenic viewpoint of less than an hour’s steep climb. The museum offers great information about the Khumbu and Sherpa’s traditional farm life and cultures, including flora-fauna and mountaineering history. From the high viewpoint of Namche Bazaar, enjoy the majestic panoramic views of Mt. Everest, Lhotse, and Ama Dablam. Includes incredible peaks of Kongde-Ri, Kantega, and Tharmasarku with holy Mt. Khumbila as far as Pachermo in the west.

Along with the spectacular scenery of dramatic landscapes, enjoy birds-eye views of Namche Bazaar with a snow-clad mountain range. Truly an unbelievable town Namche Bazaar, to observe the local immense cultures and customs of the Khumbu Sherpa.

For interested travelers, Namche Bazaar provides various exciting and scenic short day hikes to enjoy more of its beautiful surroundings.


Namche Bazaar is an amazing place to be, located amid the scenic Everest region. It is in Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality in Solukhumbu District of Province No. 1 of north-eastern Nepal. Where most adventurer from trekking to mountaineering passes through Namche Bazaar both ways, perched on a U-shaped amphitheater basin. Namche Bazaar at an altitude above 3,440 m / 11, 350 feet, extends up to 3,500 m. high.


By flight: Most trekkers and mountaineers fly from Kathmandu in small aircraft to land at Lukla, Tenzing & Hillary Airport. From Lukla to Namche Bazaar a distance of 13.5 k.m. approx. 9 miles, taking two days walks. The route leads to a gradual walk on the first day to Phakding village, one of the major stops before Namche Bazaar.

On the second day, the first part walk is quite easy and moderate reaching the Sagarmatha National Park entrance. Having lunch at the last village of Jorsalle few hours of good walk on a river bed. Reaching the last high bridge it is all ups on a winding trail to Namche Bazaar.

People with a short time, but have the interest to view Mt. Everest and visit Namche Bazaar can also take a direct helicopter ride from Lukla/Kathmandu to Namche Bazaar.

By Drive: You can take a direct drive from Chabahil, Kathmandu to Thamdanda which is about 18 hours of jeep drive. However, if you don’t want to take 18 hours long drive in a single day, you can stay overnight at Phaplu Bazar and then take another 6-7 hours Jeep drive to Thamdanda on next day. From Thamdanda, you can reach Phakding about 5-6 hour walk via Lukla. And next day after 5/6 hours of an uphill walk and you will reach Namche Bazaar from Phakding. So, by drive, you can reach Namche from Kathmandu within 4/5 days.


01: Visit National Park Museum to explore Sherpa Culture

Sagarmatha National Park Musuem
Sagarmatha National Park Musuem

Interested people can visit a national park museum that is dedicated to local culture and customs, a nice opportunity while staying in Namche Bazaar, along with acclimatization. A short climb to the top of Namche Bazaar to the museum opened all year round.

At the museum along with glorious views, check out the Sherpa Culture. Gain more knowledge about the local Khumbu Sherpa of the Everest Region. The museum treasures full information regarding the Sherpa artifacts and artwork including various traditional details of the Sherpa. From Buddhism heritage to a praying chapel and yak stable.

The museum is a vast learning place as well as Everest Documentation Center displays a massive photo collection of Mt. Everest summiteers. From Tenzing Norgay Sherpa to present conquerors of Everest; an amazing list of historic events triumphs and tragedies of trekkers on Everest.

02: Explore the Local Weekend Saturday Market a colorful Bazaar

Market at Namche Bazaar
Local market at Namche Bazaar

Namche Bazaar hosts a weekend Saturday market and hence the name tagged as Namche bazaar. Where locals from neighboring villagers comes to buy and sell goods, as well meeting friends and relatives. A great opportunity to observe the local immense culture and customs, one of the best that one can do in Namche Bazaar.

The busy bazaar sells all types of food and meat products, including shoes, clothes, and other household items. Although the bazaar may not have much for sale for trekkers’ interest. But it is a great way to experience the local commotion and activities which happens only on the market day.

03: Hike to the Everest View Hotel 

View from Everest View Hotel
View from Everest View Hotel

The main reason most trekkers stay an extra day at Namche Bazaar is for acclimatization purposes. The best way to support acclimatization is to climb higher, then rest and sleep at a lower elevation. The same process is practiced by all mountaineers, enjoy a scenic hike above Namche Bazaar rewards a grand view of Everest. Include impressive scenery of beautiful landscapes with majestic
Ama Dablam is a magnificent peak that dominates most of the lower Khumbu valley.

Everest View Hotel stands atop on a scenic high ridge, covered in lovely woods of pines and rhododendron trees.

Which is at a height of 3,880 m, at Everest View Hotel enjoy a warm cup of coffee/tea. As well as enjoying views of Mt. Everest and adjoining giant snow-capped peaks. It is one of the best hikes for acclimatization before heading to the higher terrain.

04: Hike to a Namche Bazaar Viewpoint

Namche Bazaar View Point

An enjoyable moment on a rest day at Namche Bazaar is adding more heights to support acclimatization. Take a short hike to Namche Viewpoint close to the park museum, although a steep haul for short while. A delightful climb facing aerial views of Namche Bazaar with the backdrop of Kwangde-Ri peak. From a high viewpoint facing an excellent panorama of Mt. Everest, Lhotse, and Ama Dablam with a range of peaks.

The other best way to spend at Namche Bazaar, it’s worth getting up a short hike around town. With more time enjoy walking up Namche Monastery, situated at the end of Namche Bazaar, on the western end. Overlooking bird’s eye views of the town and peaks of Tharmasarku and Kongde-Ri.

05: Visit the World’s Highest Irish Bar

Irish Pub Bar in Namche
Irish Pub Bar in Namche

Trekkers after completing the trek around high areas of Khumbu, and on the way back to Lukla. One can enjoy late nights at Namche Bazaar visiting the world’s highest Irish Bar and Pubs. Not recommended for fresh trekkers heading uphill, an enjoyable joint, a popular spot to enjoy Nightlife at 11,000 feet high.

This fascinating location, appropriately called The Irish Pub, was reported in The Guardian. “One of the highest Irish pubs in the world,” it is undoubtedly the least reachable at this level. Enjoy your evening in the one and only Irish bar serving yak sticks on the menu. Irish Pub is a fantastic place to hang out with your beloved ones at the top of the world.

06: Enjoy Delicious Meals

Foods in Namche Bazaar
Foods in Namche Bazaar

An amazing things to experience about Namche Bazaar is exploring its many good restaurants, which offer a comprehensive variety of cuisines. The best things to do in Namche Bazaar apart from the scenic trek is to enjoy various types of meals.
Check out Tomodachi Japanese Restaurant, Illy Espresso Bar, Sherpa Barista (they have ice cream!), the Namche Pizza House, including fresh bakery products.

07:  Withdraw cash from ATM machine for last hour shopping for trekking gear

Shopping at Namche bazaar

Namche Bazaar surprisingly offers many well-stocked shops with trekking and climbing gear. Including verities of souvenirs and packaged goods, eager people can buy some trekking gear that you might have forgotten. There are very few shops on the route higher up after Namche Bazaar, the prices goes up rapidly and exponentially. The best place is Namche Bazaar to buy the needed items including toilet rolls, throat lozenges, Snickers Bars etc.

If running short of cash, for some people with not enough time in Kathmandu, can withdraw cash at Namche Bazaar.

Note: We recommend travelers exchange or withdraw enough cash for the trek in Kathmandu. Because most ATMs in Namche can be out of service due to the frequent power cut and charge a withdrawal fee, up to NRS 500 extra, and may have a limited amount on withdrawal.

08: Meet Mr. Kanchha Sherpa

Kanchha Sherpa: A legend and the last living member of first Everest Expedition in 1953
Kanchha Sherpa: A legend and the last living member of the first Everest Expedition in 1953

Interested trekkers can meet the living legend, Mr. Kanchha Sherpa. The last surviving member from the historic first British expedition to Mt Everest. Kanchha joined with the team of Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Edmund Hillary along with other Sherpa. As high altitude porters, carrying the equipment and foods to each higher camps. He had carried the loads along with the team of over 50 pounds about 23 kg each to higher camps.

They were at the base camp till the heroes of Mt. Everest returned safely at the base camp for a victory celebration in 1953.

Travelers can visit Nirvana Home Lodge in Namche Bazaar for more tales and stories of his historic events, and interesting incidents to listen to from Kanchha Sherpa.

09: Hike to Syangboche Hill

Hike to Syangboche Hill
View from Syangboche Hill

The very short climb covering great height is walking up to Syangboche ridge at 3,900 m /12,795 feet. Located on an old airstrip, often used for Helicopter landing, above Namche Bazaar of few hour climb. The top of Syangboche offers stunning views of Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, Thamserku, Kongde-Ri, and Khumbila the patron god of Khumbu Sherpa. A serene and scenic spot to while away the hours enjoying beautiful views.

10: Explore Monasteries

Monastery in Namche Bazaar

Namche Bazaar with a nice impressive and interesting monastery, where one can boost physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Visiting the monasteries that provide isolation and retreat rooms for prayer and meditation.
Where one can rejuvenate after gaining experience rumination in the land of ancient sages and Himalayan meditation masters.

Some of the best hotels in Namche Bazaar for your comfort Stay:


Luxury LodgesDeluxe LodgeBudget Lodges
Hotel Everest ViewSherpaland Guest HouseSona Lodge
Yeti Mountain HomeHotel NamcheHotel Tibet
  Khumbu Lodge
  Panorama Lodge
  Nirvana Home
  Himalaya Lodge
  Namche Hill Top Lodge
  Alpine Lodge
  Everest Inn


Namche Bazaar can be visited nearly season of the year, however, the best favorable time is spring. Starts from March to May, and the next best season is autumn/fall, which begins from September to November.

One can visit during the winter holiday time of Christmas and New Year in December and January. But much cold during the morning and late afternoon till night time can expect snow sometimes.


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